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Abraham J. Stern is a member of the Blacklist.


In the 1930s, Abraham Stern's father stole hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal Reserve notes that were supposedly never issued from the Treasure Department office in Denver, where he worked. Though he was never charged for the crime, Stern's father was never able to get out of the Treasury Department office with his loot and thus, in 1943, he crafted 4 bronze Lincoln pennies with a secret map hidden into them that revealed the location of the money and left the coins to Abraham so he could retrieve the fortune. However, Abraham did not know about his father's secret treasure at the time and spent the 4 pennies on candy before he could receive a letter from his father telling him about the money and the map on the coins to find it. After learning about his inheritance, Stern dedicated the next 40 years of his life to retrieving the pennies and find his father's treasure, becoming a thief in the process. Stern used his position as a loan officer to convince people to aid him in is his crimes. After Stern got what he wanted, he gave the applicant an extended loan repayment plan. In order to retrieve the pennies, Stern was responsible for a heist in the Sharjah Museum in Dubai, killing 3 security guards and for the murder of an Italian art collector at an arson fire in his home.

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