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Agathe Tyche is a member of The Blacklist.


Agathe was an upstanding citizen in her community and married to a degenerate gambler named Lou and had a son with him. While she was in labor with their child he left her in the hospital to buy a lottery ticket. Unfortunately, Lou was involved in a car crash that severely injured him and killed their son while Agathe was giving birth to their daughter, completely unaware at the time. Blaming her husband and his degenerate gambling, she used the winnings to finance a murder-for-hire scheme where she finds degenerate gamblers and offers to clear their debts if they kill someone. Unknown to them is that they are always targeted to die themselves once they repay their families and Agathe find another gambler. She managed to have many gamblers killed, including Janice Devers and Jeff Warner.

Season 6[]

Lady Luck[]

Agathe approached Henry Morris after he lost 3,400 dollars gambling online in Atlantic City and reveals she knows about his outstanding debts. Agathe offers to pay him 200,000 dollars to pay his debts if he kills another degenerate gambler named Betsy Nagel. After Henry kills her, she later listens as Ned Green confesses that he lost his daughter's, Megan Marie, tuition money at the race track. Later that night, she approaches him when he attempts to kill himself and offers him cash if he kills Henry Morris.

Ned calls her while she is with her family to inform her that he hit a snag and asks to see her. When she arrives she figures out it is a sting and leaves before they can identify her. Agathe tells her grandson Joey that she is leaving and that she is loves him. She returns home and tries to flee with the cash but the FBI catch her in time. Agathe confesses before attempting to kill husband but Ressler manages to save him. Agathe speaks to her daughter, Moira, one last time before she is incarcerated, telling her she is sorry. Moira then takes her mother's place as Lady Luck, leaving it ambiguous whether Agatha told her to or not.


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