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Alan Fitch is the chairman of the Cabal and member of The Blacklist.


Publicly, Alan Fitch worked as the Assistant Director of National Intelligence. Fitch had been married to a woman named Margaret for 51 years. On the side, he was a senior member of the Cabal, a criminal syndicate whose secrets Raymond Reddington knows. During the Cold War, he was known as “The Decembrist” and was apparently a major figure in the world of espionage that operated extensively to end the Soviet Union communist regime. For that end, In 1990, Fitch orchestrated the bombing of a Soviet Union meeting aligned with the communist regime in Kursk, killing 15 people. Also in 1990, Fitch framed a US naval intelligence officer named Reddington of treason by leaking classified U.S military documents that led to the destruction and sinking of an American submarine called the USS Gideon, killing 134 people. He did that to kill and/or discredit Reddington before he released damaging information on the Cabal, known as the Fulcrum. Red has arranged for those secrets to be divulged in the event of his death in order to make sure Fitch's organization stays away from him. Fitch was the one responsible for Berlin's daughter's disappearance, having helped her escape from a gulag and fake her death.

Season 1[]

Anslo Garrick: Conclusion[]

Fitch arranged for Anslo Garrick to attack the Post Office and capture Red so that he could interrogate him as to whether Red's new arrangement with the FBI affected their previous agreement. He decided that Red had not betrayed his Cabal after all. He forbade Garrick from killing Red, fearing that doing so would release the evidence against him and his cohorts.

The Good Samaritan[]

He questions Diane Fowler about the recent attack on the Post Office during a meeting at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). He states that Fowler must give him something to use when he testifies before a United States Congress Senate subcommittee.

The Kingmaker[]

Fitch meets with Red, who demands aid in dealing with the attacks on his syndicate. Fitch later meets with Red and tells him that the members of the Cabal will not come to Red's aid. Some fear Red more than the Cabal, others believe Red's evidence is a bluff. Fitch's first name is revealed to be Alan.

Berlin: Conclusion[]

He aided Red in the hunt for Milos Kirchoff. He said that Red was more dangerous than the Cabal. Fitch stated that he was risking his position by aiding Red. However, Walter Gary Martin gave Harold Cooper an indirect reference to Fitch in retaliation for Red's staged escape.

Season 2[]

The Decembrist[]

Fitch is exposed as the one responsible for the feud between Reddington and Kirchoff when he turns out to have orchestrated both the bombing of a meeting between Soviet officials near the end of the Cold War, with Kirchoff among the victims (having paid a then low-level KGB operative named Kiryl Morozov to do it), and the disappearance and staged death of Kirchoff's daughter. He is later kidnapped by Kirchoff's men and rigged with a pipe bomb stuck to his neck on Kirchoff's orders. Before it goes off, he warns Reddington that the organization he works for will react badly to his death and several members doubt that Red still has the Fulcrum. Fitch tells Red of 2 members who could be persuaded to align with Red's agenda. The other members will lose control and move forward without planning for any type of failure. He gives Reddington the combination to a safe somewhere in St. Petersburg that contains something useful, but the bomb explodes before he can say exactly where. The conversation also suggests that the organization has something planned for 2017.

Later on, after Red and Kirchoff drink a bottle of vodka, Red shoots Kirchoff to death, avenging the deaths of Meera Malik and Fitch.

Season 6[]

Minister D[]

Alan Fitch is heard on a tape ordering Katarina Rostova to frame Red for treason.


  • Fitch's alias, The Decembrist, may be a reference to the failed Decembrist revolt of 1825, in which 3000 civilians and members of the Imperial Army protested against the accession of Tsar Nicholas I and demanded that the empire adopt a constitution and representative government. It may also be a reference to the Russian Revolution. Both revolts have parallels to Fitch's operation to ensure that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Is Fitch allied with Raymond Reddington, Milos Kirchoff, or the Cabal? He has defied and aided all sides. In “Berlin: Conclusion” he vacillates between the 3 sides since all can save and/or destroy his career.
    1. Q: When did Fitch aid Milos Kirchoff? He has maintained and broken ranks with the Cabal. He has aided and obstructed Red. He gave Red information on Milos Kirchoff.
    2. A: By obstructing Red, Fitch is aiding Milos Kirchoff.
    3. Q: I am referring to direct aid. Fitch intentionally aided/stalled the Cabal and Red. He defied Milos Kirchoff when he gave Red the file with Milos Kirchoff's history. He has only given indirect aid to Milos Kirchoff. Direct aid would include giving Milos Kirchoff information knowing that Red will suffer.
    4. A: Or delaying Red by having him arrested, or not releasing information immediately.
    5. Q: That seems more focused on Red and the Cabal, Fitch could always arrange for Red to be assassinated. The Cabal does not care about the evidence release.
  2. How long can Fitch play multiple sides? Eventually there will be a backlash.
    1. A: In “The Decembrist”, Fitch suffered backlash when Milos learned from Red that his daughter was alive and had been living under an assumed name, Zoe D'Antonio. To pay him back for lying about her death, Milos sent his agents to abduct Fitch.
  3. Why did Fitch not support Red when Milos Kirchoff first appeared? Did Milos Kirchoff's first strike terrify the Cabal? Combined with Milos Kirchoff's ability to remain unknown, it would account for the lack of support. Fitch is the only member who is taking the long-term view and refusing to commit to a side.
    1. A: The Cabal wanted Milos to attack Red.
  4. How much control does Fitch have over the Cabal? In “The Kingmaker” his position as the chairman is shown to be mostly symbolic.
    1. A: Not a whole lot of control, revealed in both “Berlin: Conclusion” and “The Decembrist”. Fitch reveals to Red the more he tries to restrain the Cabal, they've become more extreme and desperate. He feared the negative results of 2017 and told Red about the safe in St. Petersburg. Fitch also mentions 2 other members who might be of some assistance to Red.
  5. Who does Fitch work for in addition to the United States government?
  6. What is the arrangement between Fitch and Raymond Reddington? He initially did not care when Red began to expose The Blacklist. Then he hired Anslo Garrick to kidnap Red since he believed the Cabal was threatened. However, after Red escaped, Fitch resumed his distance and helped cover-up the death of Diane Fowler.
    1. A: We're about to find out more between Fitch and Red's arrangement.
  7. Was Fitch involved in trying to prevent Harold Cooper from investigating further in Fowler's death?
    1. A: Yes, he knew Red's reasons for killing Fowler and covering it up. It was to discourage Cooper from finding out the truth since he began to suspect something awry.
  8. How was Fitch the one who sent Berlin after Red if Fitch had no idea who Red was talking about when Red asked for his help, or when Fitch was discussing how to proceed with the Cabal?
    1. A: It is possible he didn’t know it was Berlin as it is revealed Reddington’s identity was taken over by someone at Ilyas Surkov’s request after the real Reddington was killed. Fitch could have assumed it was one of the imposter’s enemies coming after him, not Reddington’s.


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