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Alban Veseli was an assassin and member of The Blacklist.


Veseli was a notoriously ruthless assassin who disguised his murders as accidents, often targeted at whole buildings or large methods of transportation such as airplanes, trains, or ships. According to Raymond Reddington he had killed 3,600 innocent people in his accidents. Almost all of those deaths were just collateral damage done to get to a few key people. Red compared his scale of carnage to terrorist organizations and governments. Reddington credited Veseli for the collapse of building in Moscow, the shipwreck of a ferry in the Brahmaputra River, the assassination of an Ohio appeal court judge, and the assassination of a French diplomat in a plane crash.

Season 1[]

The Freelancer[]

During interrogation, Reddington informs Ressler that something is about to happen at a trainyard. Ressler goes there with a group of searchers and bomb technicians at the time Red gave, but finds nothing. As they are about to leave, a train derails and crashes, killing several people onboard. Red later tells the FBI that there was a federal judge among the victims.

Veseli later appears in disguise as a waiter at Floriana Campo's fundraiser where he poisoned her. He was recognized by Raymond Reddington, who alerted him to Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler, and fled. He was chased by Donald Ressler, and was captured when he was knocked down by a taxi driven by Elizabeth Keen. After he was captured, he was interrogated by Meera Malik and Ressler. He confessed that it was Reddington who had hired him to assassinate Floriana Campo.

Season 8[]

Fribourg Confidence[]

Chemical Mary[]

Veseli rigs the flight computer.


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