Albert Janus was a member of The Blacklist who stored secret documents.


For 3 generations, the men of the Janus family, the active one being known as “the Caretaker”, ran a safety deposit service in which they stored incriminating documents, recordings, and photos on behalf of powerful clients such as corporations, criminals, and governments. The evidence, which was stored in canisters hidden in corpses buried in graveyards, could be released according to instructions set by the clients, such as upon their death or being arrest. Janus used the pneumatic tubes formerly used by the U.S. Postal Service to transport the materials.

Albert Janus, the present day Caretaker, had an adopted daughter, Rose Janus, who was the only thing in the world he valued higher than his work. A few months after his wife and child died, he got into a confrontation with Rose's drunken father when he abused her and knocked him down. He then took Rose, whose real name was Jessica Van Zandt, and raised her as his own, never telling her about her real family.

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