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Albert Janus was a member of The Blacklist who stored secret documents.


For 3 generations, the men of the Janus family, using the alias "The Caretaker," have run a safety deposit service in which they stored incriminating documents, recordings, and photos on behalf of powerful clients such as corporations, criminals, and governments. The evidence, which was stored in canisters hidden in corpses buried in graveyards, could be released according to instructions set by the clients, such as upon their death or being arrest. Janus used the pneumatic tubes formerly used by the U.S. Postal Service to transport the materials.

Albert Janus, the present day Caretaker, had an adopted daughter, Rose Janus, who was the only thing in the world he valued higher than his work. A few months after his wife and child died, he got into a confrontation with Rose's drunken father when he abused her and knocked him down. He then took Rose, whose real name was Jessica Van Zandt, and raised her as his own, never telling her about her real family.

Season 3[]

The Caretaker[]

By 2016, Rose/Jessica has discovered that Albert is not her real father, and has also discovered the true nature of his business. She has also gotten in touch with her real brother, former Marine Justin Van Zandt, and enlisted his help to get away from Janus.

To that end, Jessica and Justin staged Jessica's kidnapping, forcing Janus to leak the secrets he guarded in exchange for her safe return. Desperate to save her, Janus agreed to the demands. Unfortunately, one of the secrets he leaked was a recording of State Department official Robert Pritchard plotting with Chinese-American businessman Adelson Wen to murder a high-ranking Chinese official. Pritchard is kidnapped and killed by the Chinese in revenge, and the Task Force gets involved.

Under questioning from Donald Ressler and Samar Navabi, Wen reveals that he placed the contract in the "tube" system used by the Caretaker. Raymond Reddington is a close friend of Hugo, the man who operates that system, and persuades him to give up Janus' address to keep the FBI from coming after him. With this information, Ressler and Navabi arrest Janus as he is unearthing a canister containing one of the secrets he passes through the tubes.

Under questioning, Janus admits he released the video in order to win Rose's release. However, the kidnappers demanded a second secret, which proved to be a contract that the German government entered into with German airline Luftrieber to cover up a terrorist attack on a Luftrieber plane. Red and Elizabeth Keen discover that the van used by the kidnappers had some custom reinforced beams installed. They track down the chop shop, who gives up the address used by the kidnappers. Armed with this information, Ressler and Navabi rush in, kill one of the kidnappers, arrest the other, and rescue Rose. Through Rose, they get their hands on Janus' ledger.

Eventually, the truth emerges, Rose's real name is Jessica Van Zandt, and the other kidnapper is her brother Justin. Jessica reveals that she staged the kidnapping to break free of her father.


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