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Alexander Kirk: Conclusion” is the twenty third episode of Season 3 of The Blacklist and the sixty seventh episode overall.


Senator Robert Diaz makes a press release that he is suspending his presidential campaign to convene a special hearing to investigate claims that Alexander Kirk has been financing terrorism.

The scene cuts to Alexander Kirk, who is being advised by his lawyers. He claims that these claims are false and being spread by Reddington who has bought and paid for Diaz using his money. The lawyers say that they can not use that information against Diaz since it would hurt him (he violated the Federal Election Campaign Act because he donated to an American candidate as a foreigner). They say that he should show up at the hearing to fight the claim but Kirk says he will not be there at the hearing.

Diaz leaves in Reddinton's car and asks for his money back so that he can pay for ads for his campaign. Reddington says that he is confident that Kirk will come, Diaz will be able to fund his campaign, end up in the Oval Office and pay off his debt to him by giving a presidential pardon to Elizabeth Keen.

Kirk's lackey hires someone to abduct Agnes and Tom.

Mr. Kaplan and Red are looking over Agnes. Mr. Kaplan says she will take care of Agnes. Tom enters asking for news about Kirk. Red asks Tom about Scottie offering him a job.

Red is at the Post Office. Red informs the team about the plan to bring Kirk by using Diaz.

Press Release[]

As Reddington and the task force close in on the person responsible for Liz's death, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 14

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. FBI task force
    1. The task force has lost it moral superiority. Why are they continuing the illusion of stating their morals?
    2. Why was the task force opposed to killing Constantin Rostov? They have accepted Red’s other actions.
    3. Donald Ressler’s actions and double standards in Season 3 have undermined his judgement and credibility.
  2. Elizabeth Keen
    1. What happened to the Rostov family that the members were forced to go into exile and hiding?
    2. Why did Keen and Tom Keen choose Cuba?
      1. A: Probably because it is geographically relatively close to the United States (making it easier to fly there), but the nation's government does not have a close relationship with the United States government (making it easier for them to stay off the grid).
  3. Raymond Reddington
    1. Nemec’s and Tom’s actions indicate that Red is losing his perspective and is at risk of destroying himself.
    2. How did Red not know that Kirk’s real name was Rostov?
      1. A: It is never indicated that Red didn't know his real name. When Red was presenting Kirk to the FBI, he did state that Kirk was an alias. With how close Red was to Katarina and his history with Rostov, it is very likely Red knew his real name.
    3. What will Red do to Kathryn Nemec and Nik Korpal?
    4. Nemec's actions are continuing the theme of Red's primary aides double crossing him. This will undermine the loyalty in his syndicate.
    5. Why did Red tell Ressler the truth about Keen being alive?
      1. A: Possibly to rally the FBI's support to look for her.
    6. Why was Red planning to leave after killing Constantin Rostov? The Blacklist has numerous numbers left to identify.
      1. A: A large part of the reason he joined was to look after Elizabeth Keen. With her gone, Milos Kirchoff dead, Peter Kotsiopulos dead, and the Cabal largely at peace with Red, the only reason to stay (that we would know of) is to avenge Liz's death. Considering Red seemed perfectly fine with dying or being arrested if it meant killing Kirk, he is probably not thinking clearly either.
    7. Red’s tank truck plan relied on a razor thin margin of success for the timing.
    8. How did Red know that Susan Scott Hargrave had offered Tom a job?
      1. A: Red could have talked to Hargrave.
    9. Why did Red want Robert Diaz to give Keen a pardon? Many people treated her with suspicion after Laurel Hitchin publicly stated her innocence.
      1. A: It's likely that Hitchin's press release stating Keen's innocence was not public enough to counteract all of the previous indictment of Keen's name, but a presidential pardon would hold much more social/legal weight.
  4. Constantin Rostov
    1. Why are the Russian characters so obsessed with family? The Russian characters on the show have been persuaded and/or motivated by the need to avenge or rebuild their families. In “Alias”, the Derevko family members aid each other regardless of their personal agendas.
    2. Will Rostov’s United States bank accounts be frozen?
    3. Why are the majority of Rostov’s bank accounts in the United States?
      1. A: He had a falling out with the Russian government.
    4. Why did Rostov’s visit require heavy security?
      1. A: He suspected that Red wanted to kill him since Red's previous actions served the point of drawing Kirk out.
    5. What was the significance of the blood treatment and bleeding?
      1. A: He may need Liz's or Agnes' blood or organs to heal himself.
    6. What is “the organization” one of Rostov's male aids mentioned when talking about the illegal gas?
  5. Samar Navabi
    1. Was Navabi speaking of her brother when she told Harold Cooper that she had already “crossed the line”?
      1. A: No. She was talking about when she killed the Scimitar.
  6. Why did the market/store have uniformed security?

Slanders on the FBI[]

  1. Why did the FBI ignore the sniper location that Red found?
    1. A: As revealed by Cooper and Navabi's conversation, the other members of the task force were not totally comfortable with the idea of Red killing Kirk, but they were willing enough to let it slide. Ressler was the only one vehemently against it enough to take action.


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Mark Alhadeff as Dr. Swanson
  • Denny Dale Bess as Nexaco Driver
  • Suzan Perry as Cashier
  • Emily Bennett as Young Mother
  • Bazzel Baz as Baz
  • Genson Blimline as Morgan
  • Nikolai Tsankov as Petrov
  • Krystin Goodwin as News Reporter
  • Clifton Samuels as News Reporter (Ken)
  • Jamar Greene as Security Guard
  • Andre Da Silva as Alvaro
  • Emily Kell and Katherine Kell as Agnes Keen (uncredited)


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