Alexander Kirk” is the twenty second episode of Season 3 of The Blacklist and the sixty sixth episode overall.    


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The FBI task force's hunt for revenge nears its endgame. As Reddington and the team close in on the mysterious arch-criminal responsible for recent tragic events, they're forced to operate outside their comfort zone-and outside the law-in order to take down their enemy once and for all.

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  • 14

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. FBI task force
    1. The task force is trapped between Red’s control, the Cabal, the Artax Network, and The Blacklist members.
    2. Why was the task force opposed to the bank robbery? The opposition seemed to be based on the control Red has over the task force, not the law.
    3. Hargrave was right about the task force’s double standards. They celebrated when the robbery succeeded.
    4. Cooper’s realization about Red controlling Senator Robert Diaz was not met with outrage. His expression admitted the defeat.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. How did Red know that Tom would seek revenge on Hargrave?
    2. Was Red telling the truth about Hargrave being Tom’s mother? Red was evasive with Keen and needs Hargrave alive for access to the Artax Network.
    3. To what degree has Red increased his criminal empire? Hargrave implied that it was a geometric increase.
      1. A: At this point, we know he has added members to his syndicate: Leonard Caul, Vanessa Cruz, Nik Korpal, and Marvin Gerard. He created a stronger alliance with Ruslan Denisov and put a new oil company into power in Uzbekistan. He took over a Indonesian port in “Dr. James Covington.” He took over the Vehm’s money laundering operations. He won the trust of the other Shell Island Retreat members. He has somewhat of an alliance with the Cabal. He expanded his counterfeiting operations by stealing currency designs from Nathaniel Wolff. He also established better relations with the Foreign Minister of Venezuela. Recently, Red made an alliance with Susan Hargrave and Halcyon Aegis.
  3. Constantin Rostov
    1. Why did Kirk travel to Washington D.C.? He was outside United States territory and certainly knew that it was a trap.
      1. A: He was ordered to by Senator Diaz. At the end of the episode, Red and Hargrave forced Diaz to press charges against Kirk, thus forcing Kirk to go to America.
      2. Q: He could have ignored the order. Kirk was outside United States territory and not required to obey the order. Kirk told Red that Diaz was expendable. Similiary, Amandine Corvisart knows that her indictments of Aldona Anisimovna and Isabel Bardasano will never succeed because of political obstacles. The indictment of Lorcan Verrochio never occurs due to a lack of evidence. Elaine Descroix flees Manticore to avoid an indictment and chooses the Stotterman System because of its strict banking laws. The indictments fail because of political considerations or the limits of legal authority.
      3. A: Had he refused to go to the senate hearing, Kirk could have lost all his American assets, including NexaCo Gas.
    2. What happened between Kirk and Red?
    3. What is Kirk's real name?
      1. A: Constantin Rostov.
  4. Artax Network
    1. Why did Susan Scott Hargrave offer to hire Tom?
    2. What will be the aftermath of Tom wounding Matias Solomon?
    3. How did Dumont know that Nicholas Pearl’s password was “ORIOLES47JS” based on the social media?
    4. Why did Hargrave demand 3,000,000 dollars in ransom money?
  5. Samar Navabi
    1. Why does Navabi have a vendetta against Nez Rowan?
      1. A: She and Nez fought each other in “The Artax Network”.
  6. Tom Keen
    1. Why did Tom not fatally shoot Solomon? Tom survived a similar wound.
      1. A: He might have figured that the police would catch Solomon and slow the search for the others, and that Halcyon could just bail him out if captured.
    2. Why did Tom not wear his mask in front of the father and the ambulance crew?
    3. Why did Tom shoot Solomon in the first place, knowing that Elizabeth is still alive?
      1. A: Revenge.
  7. Key Atlantic Bank
    1. What happened to the Saudi classified diplomatic pouch that was stolen?
    2. Why did the bank manager not need the client’s key to access the safety deposit box?
    3. Why was the Saudi classified diplomatic pouch stored at a bank?
    4. Why did the New York police officer attempt to stop the robbery? He could see that he was outnumbered and his actions wounded a bystander.
    5. The bank manager’s statements were ironic. He questioned the lack of a decoy theft while allowing the real theft to take place.
    6. Why was the bank manager surprised at the lack of a decoy theft? The theft of the Saudi classified diplomatic pouch would be discovered since they needed the manager to open the box.
    7. Why was the bank informed of Peter Pruitt’s abduction?
    8. Why were there no metal detectors at the bank?
  8. Who attacked the hospital?
    1. A: Either Hargrave or Kirk. Hargrave mentioned that Kirk's people were moving to take Agnes.
  9. Senator Robert Diaz seems to be based on Donald Trump.
    1. A: He is based on Senator Ted Cruz. Both are Hispanic Senators.
  10. Who was the man who closed the door at the fundraiser?

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Main starEdit

Guest starEdit


  • Kanwardeep Singhb as Cab Driver
  • Jeffrey Omura as Trey
  • Laura Campbell as Operator 6-3
  • Marcin Paluch as Clerk
  • Dave T. Koenig as Loan Officer
  • Terence Archie as Zack Loescher
  • Anais Lee/Mirabelle Lee as Sadie Loescher
  • Patrick Noonan as Thick Man
  • Jonathan Draxton as Officer
  • Samantha Rivers Cole as PAC Employee
  • Hakan Tolga Polat as Attache
  • Kilty Reidy as Preacher
  • Frank van Putten as Swiss Banker
  • Irina Dvorovenko as Angela Banks
  • Greta Quispe as Woman
  • Al Nazemian as Businessman
  • Billy Hepfinger as Border Guard One
  • Viet Vo as Second Guard
  • Ayse Eldek as Catering Manager
  • Tahmina Rafaella as Adali
  • Theo Petelov as Security Guard
  • Layla as Agnes Keen (uncredited)


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