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Alina Park is a FBI agent on the Post Office task force.


After her FBI graduation she requested an assignment in Anchorage, Alaska.

Season 7[]

Dr. Lewis Powell[]

Park is introduced to the task force as a potential new hire. Aram Mojtabai is wary of her at first, but Agent Keen says she is good for the job because she has a dark side and a secret from Anchorage. After meeting Raymond Reddington, she tells Keen she cannot take the job because it would change her and bring out her dark side. She goes to tell Red, but finds him held at gunpoint by Francesca Campbell. Park shoots Red in the arm to separate him from Francesca, then chases her. A vicious fight ensues where Park nearly kills Francesca with a shard of glass. This changes Reddington's mind about her, and he asks that she be added to the task force permanently.

Hannah Hayes[]

The task force investigates the strange disappearance of several conservative political activists who believe in anti-abortion laws. Agent Park helps Aram Mojtabai find a location on the group responsible.

The Hawaladar[]

Orion Relocation Services[]

Katarina Rostova[]

Victoria Fenberg[]

Newton Purcell[]

Elizabeth Keen prevents her from strangling Newton Purcell. They later talk about the blurry lines enforced at the Post Office.

Twamie Ullulaq[]

Alina is forced to return to Alaska with the task force. She goes undercover to catch whoever is stealing cargo in the act, but she is captured. She is held with another captive who reveals himself as Edward Lussier, the man she blames for the death of her mother. She convinces him to escape together. While fleeing he reveals that in her search for him she paid off cops, held someone at gunpoint, and had the FBI cover it up. They are recaptured, but quickly saved by Keen and Ressler. Park later realized Reddington is responsible for her sudden reunion with Lussier. When she goes to confront him, she admits that she was actually the one to kill her mother as a young child. Her mother was crying and begging for another dose of drugs, but when Park agreed to help and gave her an injection, she overdosed.

Gordon Kemp[]

Nyle Hatcher[]

Roy Cain[]

The Kazanjian Brothers[]

Season 8[]

The Wellstone Agency[]

Alina loses her self-control and assaults a loan shark. The loan shark is suspected of killing Alina's friend after the friend failed to pay back the loan.


Red blackmails Alina into delivered a poisoned letter to Andrew Patterson. She later burns the letter to destroy the evidence.

Season 9[]

The Skinner[]

The Skinner: Conclusion[]

Marvin Gerard, Conclusion: Part 1[]

Marvin Gerard, Conclusion: Part 2[]


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