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Alistair Pitt was a member of The Blacklist.


Known as a promnestria, a term from Ancient Greek that translates roughly as “matchmaker”, Pitt would find some way to get rivaling criminal gangs to unite and then get a cut of whatever profit the newly formed merger resulted in. He usually accomplished this by manipulating people on both sides of the conflict and sometimes arranging for select members to be murdered. In the past, he arranged for Josephine Molire/Moliere, an old love of Red's and daughter of an Eastern European arms dealer, to be married to Gabriel Stockwell, the violent son of her father's rival.

Season 3[]

Alistair Pitt[]

Alistair Pitt shows up when the son of crime boss Mads Eriksson, gets shot by a rival crime family, the Vacarro family. Pitt’s goal is to bring the 2 families together, so that he can get a cut of the profit when the 2 families merge their drug trades.

Elizabeth Keen tells Harold Cooper, Donald Ressler, and Samar Navabi about the case. Ressler fears if the 2 families do merge, they would control most of the drug trafficking on the East Coast. Ressler learns from the DEA that the 2 leaders of the families are going to meet, which baffles the DEA.

Danny Vacarro meets with Mads Eriksson while Liz and the teams looks on with surveillance. Pitt suggests they “stop the bloodshed by joining the bloodlines” by having the daughter of Vacarro marry one of Eriksson’s sons. He assured both men that if they do join forces and one betrays the other, he has a list of clients who will destroy both families as revenge.

Instead of waiting on the FBI to discover the whereabouts of Pitt, Red gets the location from an old friend, who had people track down his location at a hotel. At the hotel, Eriksson sits down again with Pitt after Vacarro has agreed to move forward with the merge. All Eriksson has to do is convince his son to marry Vacarro’s daughter.

Ressler follows Pitt out of the hotel after the meeting, but he loses him. Ressler sees a black Escalade pulls up alongside a couple, which is Mads’ youngest son and fiancé. Men then shoot and kill the fiancé. The son wants Mads to go after Vacarro, but his father and Pitt convince him that the only way to stop the violence is to join families.

Red goes to Mad’s house to meet with the family head. To earn Mad’s trust, Red tips off his men of a DEA raid, which in turn gets Red invited to the family meeting. However, Vacarro has plans of his own and wants to kill all of the Erikssons at the meeting so the families don’t join bloodlines.

The FBI is able to trace Pitt’s phone to an Alistair Pitt, who plans on leaving shortly after the wedding. Surveillance is set up inside the wedding as Liz watches from the van with Ressler. Just before Vacarro is about to give the signal for his men to murder the Erikssons, Red stands up and starts giving a toast to the new couple. Red tries to draw out the Matchmaker by outing all that he has done.

Once Pitt appears, the FBI moves in and Vacarro gives his men the order and they start shooting the Erikssons. When the FBI comes in Red grabs Pitt and makes a run for it.

The DEA tries to stop Red, but Liz comes to his aid. She then learns that the reason he put it all together was to get Pitt for himself. It turns out that Red had a personal reason for wanting to get to Pitt. Pitt had arranged a marriage between the woman Red loved, Josephine Molire/Moliere, for the same reasons he was trying to get the Erikssons and Vacarros to merge. Unfortunately, Gabriel Stockwell beat her to the point where she was left paralyzed in a wheel chair.

Red kills Pitt and goes to see Josephine to let her know it’s done.

Season 4[]

Dr. Bogdan Krilov[]

Pitt‘s corpse is identified as one of those taken to the ice rink by Kathryn Nemec.


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