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Alter Ego was founded as a service firm where they hire actors to pretend to be people in the lives of their clients for a healthier narrative. The company grew to where they have hundreds of actors on staff. In 2018, one of the actors, Roger Price, formed a plan involving his other job as an assistant to a law firm. After Harris Van Ness had a heart attack and changed his will to include his son Timothy Peterson, Roger hired 3 actors to enter Timothy’s life and con him out of his inheritance after Van Ness died. After a year of waiting, one of the actors, Marcus, starting getting impatient and wanted his cut faster despite Roger urging him to be patient since it was only a matter of time because of Van Ness’ poor health.

Season 6[]

Alter Ego[]

Marcus and the others, Helen and Deidre, refused to wait however and murdered Harris Van Ness, his wife Cynthia and their friends the Clarks and burned the house to cover up that they were murdered. The FBI start investigating the crime at Raymond Reddington’s request since Van Ness was a business associate of his and assumes that is why he was killed. All the actors talk to agents Keen and Ressler without arousing suspicion as Timothy finds out about his inheritance and starts celebrating at a fancy hotel. The 3 actors then start hitting Deidre to make it look like Timothy, high on pills and alcohol, beat her after finding out she was pregnant with his child. Then Deidre will kill him with his own gun and say Deidre shot him in self-defense and she would inherit his fortune through his only living heir. But Timothy fights back and FBI agents Keen and Ressler arrive in time to arrest them all and save him. After the case is over Ressler hires Alter Ego to provide him a date to his cousin’s wedding.

Marko Jankowics[]

Ressler continues to she the woman he took to his cousin’s wedding, Hannah. One night, while Hannah was staying over at Ressler’s place, Elizabeth knocks on his door asking for help finding her sister Jennifer. But after seeing a woman tied to a chair in Ressler’s apartment, Hannah realizes she can’t handle the extra amount of lies and breaks up with Ressler.



  • Hannah
  • Jeff Gregg, CEO
  • Mary Ann

Inheritance Conspiracy[]

  • “Helen Litke”, Timothy’s fake sister
  • Jan Chuckerman, “Hiraki”, “Deidre Mori”, Timothy’s fake girlfriend
  • “Marcus Duncan”, Timothy’s fake brother-in-law
  • Roger Price


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