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Anslo Garrick: Conclusion” is the tenth episode of Season 1 of The Blacklist and the tenth episode overall. It first aired on December 2, 2013 on NBC. The episode acted as the show's winter finale.


Aram Mojtabai finds and smashes another of the jammers, this causes the communications to be re-established.

A gun shot is heard elsewhere in the Post Office just as Anslo Garrick is about to shoot Dembe Zuma. It is revealed that the gun shot heard in “Anslo Garrick” was from Aram, as he shot one of the Wild Bunch members to prevent him from killing Elizabeth Keen. While attempting to leave the area, both Aram and Liz are captured by the Wild Bunch.

Liz is then taken to the Box, and is used as leverage over Raymond Reddington. Red puts a gun to Donald Ressler's head and he reveals code to open the box. After leaving his confines, both Red and Liz are taken away from the black site by Anslo, escaping via an ambulance. As the remaining members of the Wild Bunch prepare to execute the remaining hostages Ressler uses the gun Red left him to kill them and then Dembe goes after Red and his captors whilst the others restart the facility. An FBI SWAT team arrives and kills the mercenaries.

In the ambulance Red tells Liz to contact someone named Kathryn Nemec. While Anslo's men are trying to remove the chip in Red's neck,they are overpowered by Liz using a defibrillator, so that she can escape the ambulance. Once free she calls Aram who tracks Red's chip. Liz finds the chip in a bloody glove on the street. Red is now gone.

Back at her home, Liz is contacted by Aram, who has located where all the burner calls where going to, and Liz realizes that whoever was being contacted was across the street from her home. Going to investigate, Liz finds the monitors which were being used to view the live footage from the cameras placed in her home, and is attacked by one of the men watching her and Tom Keen. Liz shoots and kills him.

Liz decides to call Nemec rather than the FBI and a woman who works for Red arrives. She and Liz find Red's possible location and send Red's own team of hired guns led by Dembe to infiltrate the building. While not Red's current location, the building contained surveillance on the task force handling Red and footage of other personnel including Diane Fowler, indicating even more the existence of a mole.

Taken to an abandoned building, Anslo explains to Red that he is merely a man hired to do a job, while he would pay to have Red silenced forever, others have paid more to hear him speak.

Red is then questioned by Alan Fitch, the man who hired Anslo to extract Red. It is revealed that Red has some form of information that incriminates Fitch's organization, and that he has ensured that it will be exposed upon his death. This is the reason that Fitch's organization has allowed Red to live during these 20 years, and now they are nervous at Red's intentions after turning himself into the FBI, Red assures Fitch that he does not intend to expose them. Fitch departs letting Red know that they could have taken him in the park quietly that same day. They took him directly from the FBI to make it clear that there is nowhere he can go and nobody he can trust to keep him from them.

Back at the Post Office, Liz realizes that there is an abandoned blacksite close by to the building they had previously invaded, concluding that this is where Red is. Meera Malik supports this, finding the ambulance they escaped in burning within that vicinity.

Anslo approaches Fitch about letting him kill Red as his payment for services, which Fitch allows. Anslo reminds Red of his betrayal, and says that, although he can not hurt Red, he can hurt Liz, and eventually kill her. Anslo is taken aback by his lack of snide remarks, and ridicules him, questioning if he is actually feeling something. Red responds to this with a scissor blade in his neck, stating that he feels “regret”.

The FBI storm the building, finding that Red disappeared. Diane Fowler tasks Harold Cooper with finding Red, stating “The only target on The Blacklist is Raymond Reddington”. She also informs him that they have a mole lurking around the FBI and only Red may know who it is.

While he is recovering in hospital Ressler is visited by his former fiancée Audrey Bidwell.

Liz is called by Red from a payphone, and asks Red if he's her father, which Red denies. Red departs Liz with a final warning to be careful of her husband, and disappears in the crowd of a bustling city.

Press Release[]

A NEW ENEMY EMERGES – Liz infiltrates the blacksite and disarms the signal jammers to call in backup but runs into trouble along the way. The fate of Ressler hangs in the balance as Red tries to bargain with Anslo Garrick. Meanwhile, Tom becomes increasingly worried about Liz’s situation and the fate of Red is unknown.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 16

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Similarities between “Anslo Garrick”, “Anslo Garrick: Conclusion”, “Luther Braxton”, and “Luther Braxton: Conclusion”.
    1. An official of another agency overrides Harold Cooper and tells him that he must obey orders or his career will be ruined. However, the female official also is wary of her male superiors.
    2. Cooper must demand and/or force information from his superiors.
    3. Elizabeth Keen is captured by the Blacklister and used to provoke Red into action.
    4. Luther Todd Braxton and Anslo Garrick have names that contain nearly the same amount of numbers. 5/6 for the first name, 7 for the last name.
    5. Most of the supporting character law enforcement officials are killed during the raid.
    6. Raymond Reddington is arrested at the start of the first episode.
    7. Red and Keen must organize a desperate defense after the location is seized.
    8. Red and the Blacklister have a history of being enemies.
    9. Red is wounded.
    10. Red kills the Blacklister.
    11. Red’s warning to the law enforcement officials is ignored.
    12. The Blacklister despises Red.
    13. The Blacklister is an expert in raiding high security areas and has experience in several nation-states.
    14. The Blacklister negotiates a new price with the Cabal.
    15. The Blacklister refuses to negotiate with law enforcement.
    16. The Blacklister spent time in a Supermax prison and suffered injury.
    17. The Cabal is concerned with the possible release of the Fulcrum blackmail evidence. The Cabal debates the idea that Red is bluffing.
    18. The first episode ends with the main characters facing death. The second episode ends with Red proving that he can survive the Cabal.
    19. The target location is a top secret government location chosen for its power status.
  2. What does Red know that his enemies fear? Is it related to his military service?
  3. How many numbers on The Blacklist are from the Cabal?
    1. A: Even Red probably does not know this.
    2. Q: The Very Important Persons (VIP), such as Alan Fitch, are certainly on the list.
  4. Did Red surrender to the FBI to destroy the Cabal that hired Garrick?
  5. Why did Fitch allow Garrick to kill Red? Red's blackmail evidence would have been released.
    1. A: Garrick persuaded Fitch that Red's death and the possible information release was a better option than Red alive and operating.
  6. Who is Tom Keen working for? Is it the Cabal?
    1. A: Tom's true employer was revealed to be Milos Kirchoff during the events of “Berlin”. Near the end of “The Decembrist”, it has been shown that he worked for Red, but it's unknown how long.
  7. Why does Raymond Reddington care so much about Elizabeth Keen?
    1. A: Her real father could be a member of the Cabal.
    2. A: Personal relationship between Red and her biological father.
    3. A: He could be her biological father but lied to her over the phone because he might wanted to tell her face-to-face.
    4. A: In “Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion” it's confirmed that Raymond Reddington is Liz's father, but “Sutton Ross” reveals the real Reddington has been dead for more than 30 years and the Reddington she knows is an imposter. Which brings up why the imposter cares about Elizabeth.
  8. Where will Red go? His enemies have the ability to destroy his syndicate. The FBI hunt will further limit his options.
  9. Will Raymond Reddington contact the other people on his approved list in “Pilot” and “The Freelancer”?
  10. Will Newton Phillips officially join Red's team?
    1. A: No, Newton Phillips was killed by Red in “The Good Samaritan” when he revealed he had been working for Fitch.
  11. Who are the people who ordered the kidnapping of Red? Are they linked to the people who aided Elizabeth Keen?
    1. A: Kathryn Nemec and the others who helped Liz were working for Red, so they were not involved in his kidnap.
    2. A: The people, including Garrick, who were involved in Red's kidnapping are working for the Cabal.
    3. A: Garrick was employed as a contractor by Fitch, not the Cabal directly.
  12. Will Keen's rogue operation further erode her credibility? Cooper has become more insistent that she follow FBI regulations.
    1. A: It could go both ways. Liz's involvement in the rogue operation for 2 reasons. To find the FBI double agent whom she and Aram both suspect is supplying insider information to the Cabal and protect her fellow agents.
  13. Why was Keen reluctant to participate in Nemec's cover-up? She asked Nemec for help instead of Harold Cooper. Therefore she should have expected that Nemec would use illegal methods.
    1. A: She called Nemec because she was beginning to suspect that there was a mole in the team. As a law officer, she would naturally wish to use legal means for all actions.
    2. A: Liz did call Cooper, but quickly ended her call when she realized it could be traced back. She was concerned for the safety of her fellow agents and called for Nemec's help in an attempt to protect them from the FBI double agent whom is supplying insider information to the Cabal.
    3. A: Using legal means would risk having the information being intercepted by the double agent.
  14. Who is the FBI double agent responsible for supplying insider information to the Cabal?
    1. A: They are likely part of the restricted number of people that knows about the immunity deal seen in “The Freelancer”.
    2. A: Meera Malik has been revealed to be the double agent in “The Alchemist”.
    3. A: Meera was revealed to be innocently following the orders of Diane Fowler in “The Cyprus Agency”.
  15. Was the FBI double agent responsible for telling Anslo Garrick of the DARPA chip?
    1. A: Quite possibly the double agent is responsible for informing Garrick about the DARPA Chip and where Red was.
  16. What will happen to the Post Office? Will it be shut down since the location has been exposed?
    1. A: No.
  17. Why was the FBI given redacted reports after the attack? Diane Fowler would certainly have applied her leverage to get information. Did the Cabal interfere? Or do those agencies know about Alan Fitch's superiors? Will the FBI be forced to combat other law enforcement agencies?
  18. Why did Red leave Garrick alive after the incident where Red shot him? Red stated that he regretted not killing Garrick earlier.
    1. A: Red had no intention of leaving Garrick alive. His shot would have been fatal with regular ammunition. He had no reason to think Garrick would survive or to shoot him again.
    2. Q: He could have arranged to kill Garrick while he was imprisoned.
  19. ​Why did Garrick leave Dembe Zuma alive?
    1. A: He was taken by surprise when Aram killed one of his mercenaries, thus Garrick did not finish the job to kill Dembe.
  20. Is Fowler worried about something other than Raymond Reddington's immunity deal? Her decisions to de-activate and re-activate the task force imply something other than fear of a Senate committee.
    1. A: The decision to de-activate was fear of a Senate Committee, the decision to re-activate was two-fold: personal safety and desire to find out who is surveilling black sites.
    2. Q: Fowler's decision making seemed to be more focused on politics than law enforcement. Cooper showed no fear of the political fallout. Is Fowler at risk of being terminated from her position in the Department of Justice? During the debate about the immunity deal, Fowler was more emotional. Cooper showed concern, but took the long term perspective. Cooper can be demoted, fired, and/or reassigned if the Senate is furious enough.
    3. A: I think that Fowler's position is subject to Senate confirmation, whereas Cooper's is not. Cooper is senior enough to have access to the “Hoover Files”, and junior enough to be out of the public eye. Re-assignment at the same grade is more likely, and as a loyal FBI agent he would not want rise higher due to the possibility that the “Kuwait Incident” (“Gina Zanetakos”) could become public knowledge.
  21. Why did Tom Keen not call the FBI and alert them when Liz asked him to?
    1. A: Tom could be working for the Cabal Alan Fitch represents.
    2. A: Tom is revealed to be working for the same employer as Lucy Brooks in “The Judge”. In “Mako Tanida”, his superiors, possibly one of whom possibly is Red's Adversary, is Berlin. Tom grew concerned he will be compromised because Liz is getting closer to the truth to his secret job. As previously revealed in her nightmares of “The Courier”, the people he works for are very powerful and extremely dangerous.

Slanders on the FBI[]

  1. The FBI SWAT team that counter-attacked at the Post Office did not seem that large. The SWAT team seen raiding the abandoned black site looked twice as large.
  2. Why was a containment zone not established around the post office?
    1. A: It is supposed to be a black site and a zone would attract public attention.


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Amir Darvish as Male EMT
  • Stacey Sargeant as Female EMT
  • Joseph Ademola Adeyemo as Mercenary
  • Tony Jeffries as Merc #2
  • Jonathan Tindle as The Technician
  • David Carranza as WB Merc
  • Juan-Pablo Veza as Team Member



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