Anthony Pagliaro is a member of Raymond Reddington´s Syndicate.


Anthony is a mail man that operated a burglary ring from inside the United States Post Office. Using his job, Anthony would gain access to the list of postal vacation notices in his area in order to find out which of his costumers were out of town, and therefore left their houses empty. Armed with that information, and judging the relative wealth of the address based on the neighborhood, Anthony would hire thieves using the darknet to loot the houses. Anthony was given a percentage of the profits after the theft. During one of those jobs, Anthony crossed paths with Raymond Reddington who saw in this a major business opportunity and converted Anthony's scheme into a network of safe houses for criminals.

Season 5Edit

The EndlingEdit

The Invisible HandEdit

Ian Garvey: ConclusionEdit

Anthony is trained by Raleigh Sinclair III to impersonate Ian Garvey and murders Zarak Mosadek.


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