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Architect is a mastermind and a member of The Blacklist.


The Architect, whose real name is unknown, is a criminal mastermind for hire who plans, constructs and executes what is advertised as “the perfect crime”. These crimes were highly complex and usually resulted in several deaths as collateral damage. Reddington credited him with a crime in London in 2014 in which he blew up a tanker loaded with diesel fuel and flooded the district Covent Garden in order to steal roughly 100,000,000 dollars worth of diamonds, and another crime in Cortina, Italy in 2011, in which a deadly avalanche was triggered in order to steal a Carvaggio painting.

Season 4[]

The Architect[]

The Architect was hired to break gang leader and cop killer Monty Perkins out of prison as his execution approached. To stop him, Aram Mojtabai went undercover as a hacker who could aid the Architect with his plan. The Architect succeeded in disabling the prison's systems and locking everyone inside before having his men use a coilgun to destroy 2 of the guard towers and threaten to kill everyone gathered to watch the execution. With no other choice, Perkins was released and escaped while Aram became horrified by the Architect's casual brutality and enjoyment of the destruction he caused. Aram was able to broadcast their position and agents Donald Ressler and Samar Navabi arrived and attacked, killing the Architect's men. The Architect himself attempted to escape in an SUV, but Aram recognized that if he did, more innocent people would die. Aram used the Architect's own coilgun to destroy the SUV, killing him.



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