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Arioch Cain” is the fifth episode of Season 3 of The Blacklist and the forty ninth episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2015 on NBC.


Press Release[]

An enormous bounty is posted for Agent Keen drawing out any number of unknown assassins while the FBI and Reddington join forces to protect her.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 50

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Borakove is contacted by Reddington.
    1. ”Arioch Cain”
    2. Berlin
    3. The Alchemist
  2. References to Wendigo.
    1. ”Arioch Cain” -- the name of the assassin
    2. The Mombasa Cartel” -- the name of the front company
  3. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why was the bounty for Keen so low? Terrorists usually have bounties over 1,000,000 dollars. The black market offered 700,390 dollars (2641.98 BTC (Bitcoin)), 707,000 dollars (2662.90 BTC), 712,109 dollars (2694.15 BTC), and 763,922 dollars (2892.54 BTC). The FBI bounty for Keen and Red is 500,000 dollars. Keen is on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, that deserves more money.
      1. A: The bounties on the website were determined by crowd funding.
    2. The offer of the bounty will increase Liz’s “guilt” and her credibility in the black market. Peter Kotsiopulos restated the accusations against her.
    3. How long can Keen’s false death be kept a secret?
    4. Why did the news report state the Keen had committed the “worst acts” of terrorism in the United States ”in over a decade“? Several characters mentioned the 9/11 attacks.
      1. A: That was more than 10 years ago.
    5. Why did the news media report the false death without any research? The reporter said that the reports were unconfirmed.
      1. A: News channels want to be on top of breaking news as soon as possible.
    6. Why does Keen have bad lock picking skills? She has been easily stealing cars.
      1. A: Keen was good at wiring cars back in “Eli Matchett” to use, but she wasn't used to picking locks.
    7. Did Keen see that the victim had a mobile phone or was she pickpocketing at random?
    8. How did Keen know Vargas was lying about Dembe and had set them up?
      1. A: Vargas was changing his story about Dembe and Keen picked up on the fact that he was lying. Therefore, she suspected he was working for the Cabal in order to have her and Red assassinated.
  4. Raymond Reddington
    1. What will Red do now that he knows his primary aides are betraying him? The example of: Newton Phillips, Niko Demakis, Vargas; could fracture the rest of his syndicate.
      1. A: Keep fighting the Cabal. Once the Cabal is stopped, his aids can't join them.
      2. Q: There are main differences between Newton Phillips, Demakis, and Vargas. Newton Phillips was forced betray Red and join the Cabal under threat of his family's downfall. When he told Red of this, he did Newton Phillips a favor by killing him so his family would be useless to the Cabal. Niko was willing to betray Red to gain favorable position within Milos Kirchoff's syndicate, while Vargas has been an agent of the Cabal.
      3. A: Vargas was a coward, and therefore could be initimidated.
      4. Q: The defections prove that Red’s syndicate does not have the loyalty that he expects. Even if the Cabal is destroyed, Red’s aides can side with another criminal syndicate. The fact that Red’s aides decided to desert him when confronted with an external threat prove that Red’s power is perceived as weak.
      5. A: Red's response in every case has been to kill the traitor, this will mean that other potential traitors know what will be the result of their betrayal.
    2. Did Red call the FBI and tell them where to find Wendigo's corpse? The FBI found the apartment.
    3. Did Red call the FBI and tell them where to find Zachary O’Toole’s corpse?
    4. How many allies does Red have in the mass media?
      1. A: He gathered a group of investigative reporters in “Tom Connolly”.
    5. Red’s plan to clear Keen’s name has/will fail. The Cabal will insist on Red’s and Keen’s deaths to either stop their anti-Cabal actions or take revenge.
      1. A: Unless they prove the existence of the Cabal.
      2. Q: Members of the Cabal will seek revenge as a last form of vengeance. In “The Judge”, Richard Abraham's career was ruined by Red's desertion. Keen has undertaken actions that reinforce the accusations against her.
    6. If true, was Red’s elephant story a reference to “The Mombasa Cartel”?
    7. Why did Red’s extraction team not use cover? Keen told the second member to avoid a direct line of sight.
      1. A: They knew what they were doing and chose to ignore Keen.
  5. Blair
    1. Blair’s internet name referred to Arioch and Cain and Abel.
    2. What will happen to Blair?
      1. A: It seemed like she is going to move on in life. Red and Liz left her alone and they did not inform the FBI.
    3. Why did Blair wait 36 days before posting the bounty?
      1. A: It probably took her time to learn about the “” website since it was on the dark net.
      2. Q: How did Blair discover the “” website?
    4. Why did Blair choose to post a black market bounty? Was she skeptical of law enforcement or the legal system?
    5. Blair’s status as a Blacklister is similar to “Ivan”. The initial suspect is not responsible and aids in the search for the actual target.
    6. Why is Arioch Cain number 50 on the blacklist?
      1. A: The broadcast episode title states the name and/or organization of the Blacklist number.
      2. A: Number 50 blog debate.
      3. A:
      4. A:
      5. A:
      6. A:
  6. Gavin Delgado
    1. Delgado’s internet name referred to Gavrilo Princip.
    2. The symbol for the “” site was a combination of the Alpha and Omega letters.
    3. What will happen to the money that was paid after Keen's death was faked? The internet message stated that it would be sent to a bank account.
      1. A: Ivan is still active and owes Red.
    4. Why was Delgado protesting after his arrest?
      1. A: He thought he was doing the right thing, supporting true democracy.
    5. Will Delgado’s website be shut down?
    6. How did Delgado’s website lead to 4 other unknown assassins?
    7. How did the FBI locate Delgado?
    8. What will happen to Delgado?
      1. A: Probably prison.
    9. The “” website is similar to the “Continuum” episode “Time’s Up”. The public was invited to determine the guilt of the accused.
  7. Wendigo
    1. Why was Wendigo considered a myth? Red had heard the rumors about him.
      1. A: He was extremely secretive to the point it was almost like he did not exist. This is similar to Katarina Rostova, Wujing, Ruth Kipling, and Nora Mills who were also considered myths.
    2. Why did Wendigo kill Red‘s team first?
      1. A: Possibly the thrill of the hunt.
    3. Why did Wendigo use homemade cartridges and rifles?
      1. A: It would be easier to trace common guns, and he had to put his signature on the bullets.
    4. Why did Wendigo place his access code on the bullet?
      1. A: He had to put his marker on the bullet to prove he was the one that killed Keen.
    5. How did the access code avoid being distorted after the bullet’s impact?
      1. A: The access code was on the bottom of the bullet not the front that takes the brunt of the impact.
    6. Why did Wendigo commit suicide?
      1. A: Death before dishonor. In “Burn Notice”, “Honor Harrington”, and “James Bond”; several characters commit suicide and/or panic when confronted with the option of being arrested or failure. They fear a show trial, their families will be killed as an example, and/or their clients will seek to assassinate them before they can testify in court.
      2. A: Red would have killed him, turned him in to the FBI, or made him talk.
      3. A: According to, Red dropped him off the roof.
      4. Q: Wendigo stated his death would change nothing and Red had to force him to initially grab his arms. He mocked Red and Keen and refused to give useful information. After Red let go, Wendigo could have grabbed Red's arm. That implies that Wendigo wanted to commit suicide after realizing he was trapped.
      5. A: Red threw his hands in the air so Wendigo could not grab them.
      6. A: That qualifies as Red calling Wendigo's bluff and Wendigo choosing death over capture.
      7. A: That would mean Wendigo chose to die by Red's hands.
    7. Why did Keen and Red not kick down the door to begin with? Keen‘s lock picking failed and Red kicked down the door even though the shotgun blasts did not damage the locks.
      1. A: Kicking in the door would have alerted Wendigo and he would have grabbed a gun. They did not know the lock picking was going to fail. Picking the lock would have allowed them to sneak up on him.
  8. Cabal
    1. How many allies does the Cabal have in the mass media?
    2. Is Laurel Hitchin a member of the Cabal?
      1. A: Yes.
    3. Why has the Cabal not shut down the task force? The incident at the Russian embassy in “Marvin Gerard” should be justification that the task force needs to be stopped.
  9. Peter Kotsiopulos
    1. The assigning of Kotsiopulos to the task force means that the Cabal can counter Red’s moves. If the task force attempts to deceive and/or evade him, Ressler and the others will be removed and replaced. That leaves the task force with the option of ending contact with Red or conducting an illegal operation.
      1. A: It would also mean he can gain leverage over Ressler and Samar to do his bidding and take Red and Liz out.
    2. What did Kotsiopulos mean by “threat level red”?
      1. A: Homeland security terrorist threat level.
  10. Matias Solomon
    1. What would Matias have gained from Keen’s and Red’s deaths?
      1. A: Members of the Cabal probably wanted Red and Liz dead.
    2. Matias’s statements indicate that Kotsiopulos is losing support from the Cabal.
      1. A: This was also mentioned in “The Troll Farmer”.
  11. Reven Wright
    1. Laurel Hitchin’s presidential commission means that Reven is under more political pressure.
  12. Donald Ressler
    1. Ressler's initial refusal to work with Peter Kotsiopulos means that he believes the Fulcrum list. Ressler's behavior is placing him in the position where he will have to side with Red or the FBI. Cooper sided with Keen after she killed Thomas Connolly.
    2. How would have arresting Liz saved her? The Cabal would have executed her while in prison.
      1. A: He believes that he could protect her once she is in custody.
    3. Why is Ressler still on active duty while meeting with a narcotics addiction group? The FBI could easily learn about those meetings.
      1. A: That is if the FBI found out.
    4. Why did Ressler call in the “officer down” call instead of stating that Red was there?
      1. A: He was giving Red a chance. Ressler knows even though he does not admit it that Red has good intentions. He also wanted Liz and he thought he could follow Wendigo to Liz and make 3 arrests.
  13. Samar Navabi
    1. Why did Samar not ask Aram for help earlier with Gavin Delgado?
  14. Aram Mojtabai
    1. Why did Aram's computer not show the routing number? They recovered a computer from Wendigo's apartment.
    2. Why did Aram state that Ressler would not like the plan to fake Keen’s death?
      1. A: Aram knows how much it means for Ressler to arrest Liz, but he is also the only member in the FBI who will end up siding with Red.
    3. He is the only member of the FBI who believes Liz is innocent. The reassignment of Kotsiopulos to the Task Force implies that he will side with Red.
  15. Kathryn Nemec
    1. Why did Nemec protest the 30 minute time limit?
      1. A: She needed more time.
      2. Q: Why did Red set a time limit?
      3. A: Since Matthais had escaped, this was the amount of time that Red thought they had before the FBI or the Cabal raided the location.
    2. Why did Red want the scene “documented and cleaned”? Leaving the corpses would have sent a message to the Cabal.
      1. A: The missing bodies also send a message.
      2. A: The bodies were in Red's hangar.
    3. What did Red mean by “documenting” the scene?
      1. A: Identify the Cabal members.
      2. A: Prepare it for release to the mass media.
  16. Dembe Zuma
    1. Where did Dembe learn how to dual wield? It is extremely difficult and inaccurate. Did he train with the Spetznaz?
      1. A: He was a freedom fighter in South Sudan, Red was Naval Intelligence, he could have learned while traveling with Red.
    2. How did Dembe survive the gunshot wound?
      1. A: He probably had medic skills from being a freedom fighter or from Red's military training.
    3. How did Dembe find Red?
      1. A: He thought to look at Red's plane.
  17. Why did the taxi driver not notice the corpse or hear the bullets? He drove through the area where Wendigo was shooting.

Slanders on the FBI[]

  1. Why did Samar not find the bullet earlier at the site of Keen’s attempted assassination?
    1. A: The police set the barrier up past the bullet so they were not looking there.
    2. Q: Since it was a shooting, they should have searched a larger area.


  • Solomon talks about everyone talking about Red and Liz's relationship and how it could be a father-daughter thing or a romantic interest. This is most likely a joke about the fans of The Blacklist and how they debate Red and Liz's relationship.
  • Goof: There is an editing error. While they are Red's hangar, Vargas stayed on the driver's side of the car. However, when Red turns to him and asks “What have you done?,” Vargas is on the passenger side of the car. Then the camera zooms out when the Cabal members appear and Vargas is back on the driver's side.


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Andy Dylan as Wendigo
  • Robert Vataj as Garik Sarkissian
  • Olivia Boreham-Wing as Blair
  • Alex Monsky as Blair's Father
  • Paolo Montalban as Forensic Agent
  • Kristina Behr as Reporter


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