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The Artax Network is an international black market syndicate and member of The Blacklist.


The Artax Network was originally a telecom project intended to provide complete global coverage using 73 satellites. The project was abandoned due to bankruptcy, but the satellites remained in place. The satellites were used by Halcyon Aegis to provide tactical information during operations.

Season 3[]

Mr. Solomon[]

The Artax Network was used by Matias Solomon to coordinate an assault on the church where Elizabeth Keen's wedding was being held.

Mr. Solomon: Conclusion[]

The Artax Network was used to coordinate the search for Elizabeth Keen after she escaped the church.

The Artax Network[]

Nez Rowan and other Halcyon agents used the Artax Network in an attempt to kidnap Benjamin Stalder.

Aram discovers that Liz's attackers were using the Artax Network. He then uses the Artax Network to locate two of the network's operators.

Alexander Kirk[]

It is unclear whether or not Halcyon used the Artax Network while robbing Robert Diaz.

The Blacklist: Redemption[]

Leland Bray[]

Dumont DeSoto used an Artax satellite to survey an estate owned by Leland Bray.


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  • Halcyon Aegis


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