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Audrey Bidwell was a character in NBC's The Blacklist.


She was once engaged to Donald Ressler, but the relationship ended because of his obsession with catching Raymond Reddington.

Season 1[]

Anslo Garrick[]

To help Ressler remain conscious after he was shot, Raymond Reddington asks him about Audrey, remembering that Donald had been engaged while he had been hunting Reddington. Ressler tells him that his obsession with catching Red had caused his relationship with Audrey to suffer, and they had broken up.

Anslo Garrick: Conclusion[]

She visits Donald Ressler in the hospital where he is being treated for his leg injury. She was called by the FBI because she was still listed as his emergency contact. Donald noticed an engagement ring, and she told him she was engaged to be married.

The Alchemist[]

She texts Donald Ressler to arrange a meeting where she wants to talk about her upcoming engagement. Ressler thinks she wants his approval, but can't understand why she would be concerned about his opinion. When she arrives at the meeting, Ressler tells her he thinks she should marry her boyfriend, she then says that the relationship is suspended because she can't stop thinking about Donald. They leave the restaurant arm in arm.

Mako Tanida[]

Audrey accompanies Ressler during the trip to Sam Raimo's funeral. When Ressler learns of Agent Paul Maguire's death, he attempts to relocate Audrey to a remote cabin in Prince George's County. Ressler reveals to Audrey about having pursued Reddington in Japan, and tells her the men he arrested are out of prison and are killing his former team members. While en route to the cabin, Mako's jeep rams into Ressler's SUV, where Audrey suffers a concussion from the impact. During the midst of a hand-to-hand fight, a dazed Audrey tries to walk to Ressler, only for Tanida to fatally shoot her in the stomach before fleeing. Audrey ends up bleeding to death while Ressler attempts to give medical aid. Audrey's death incites Ressler on a vengeful mission to kill Tanida. Later during the conclusion of the episode, Ressler finds a pregnancy kit among Audrey's belongings, hinting that Audrey was pregnant.

As retribution for Audrey's death and also to stop Ressler from entering a vigilante path and find some sort of peace, Red has Tanida killed and sends his severed head to Ressler in a box.

Audrey's death haunts Ressler for some time afterwards, and ultimately leads to his breakdown and narcotics abuse, though his partner, Elizabeth Keen, convinces him to overcome his grief and he becomes more determined than ever to bring the Blacklist criminals to justice.