Bastien Moreau is a member of The Blacklist.


Bastien Moreau is a nationalist terrorist and a political assassin who only works for organizations that oppose globalism. Among his former clients are the Tamil Tigers and the Kosovo Liberation Army. Working under the name the Corsican, Moreau was responsible for terrorist attacks against a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) office in Geneva, a Conference Center in Davos, and a European Union headquarters in The Hague, where last year a bomb was defused only moments before the General Assembly's opening session. Moreau was only identified as the Corsican 4 months ago, when he was caught on camera in Gdansk.

Dr. Hans KoehlerEdit

He kills Hans Koehler and the surgery team to protect his identity.

The CorsicanEdit

Moreau is willing to compromise his anti-globalism ideals and target a specific individual so long as he can maintain the image of being an anti-globalist. His target at the United Nations is a specific diplomat who knows of a coup attempt that will topple a government. He agrees to the assignment since it will allow him to maintain his image of anti-globalism.

Bastien MoreauEdit

He kills Ava Ziegler using the beetles of Jonathan Nikkila.

Bastien Moreau: ConclusionEdit

Moreau is killed by Robert Diaz's aide since he knows the truth of the dossier.



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