Baz was the commander of Raymond Reddington’s paramilitary group. 


Baz was the commander of Raymond Reddington´s paramilitary unit and Red´s second main bodyguard, taking over the duties of Red´s driver and shadow when Dembe was unavailable.

Season 1Edit

Anslo Garrick: ConclusionEdit

He led an attack on a Cabal hideout.

Season 2Edit

The MajorEdit

He helped Dembe detain The Major during a meeting with Red.

Leonard CaulEdit

He led the defense of Reddington at one of Tom Keen’s hideouts against attacking Cabal agents.

Tom ConnollyEdit

He retrieved a journalist for Reddington to show the Fulcrum to.

Season 3Edit

The DjinnEdit

He helped Red monitor a meeting between Elizabeth Keen and The Djinn.

Zal Bin HasaanEdit

He and his men killed Shahin Navabi’s men and captured Shahin.

The DirectorEdit

He detained Rafael's driver so that Red could have a private meeting.

The Director, ConclusionEdit

He patted down Marvin Gerard, Samar Navabi, and taskforce members when they were meeting with Reddington. He later helped abduct The Director and held off the CIA protection detail.

The VehmEdit

Reddington stationed Baz in an apartment across from Liz's in order to watch over her.

Lady AmbrosiaEdit

After the smoke detector went off in Keen’s apartment, Baz rushed in with his gun drawn. She then kicked him out of her apartment.

Later, Liz talks to Red about the incident. She tells him that she doesn’t want Baz breaking into her place with his gun for every small problem.

After that, Baz saved Keen when Noah Schuster attacked her in her apartment. He wrestled with Noah and then took him to be interrogated by Reddington.

Mr. SolomonEdit

Baz was put in charge of perimeter defenses around the church, and later fell back to defend the others inside.

Mr. Solomon: ConclusionEdit

Baz continued to defend the church. He was later positioned at the nightclub where Liz had her baby.

Susan HargraveEdit

Baz was sent ahead to monitor Susan Hargrave at the airport. He later took part in assaulting Susan's protection detail.

Alexander Kirk: ConclusionEdit

Baz helped Red set up a sniper position and detain some construction workers.

Season 4Edit


Baz showed Liz her temporary house.

The Lindquist ConcernEdit

The ThrushesEdit

Dr. Adrian Shaw: ConclusionEdit

Lipet's Seafood CompanyEdit

Mr. Kaplan: ConclusionEdit

Baz was shot and killed by Kathryn Nemec.


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