Blair is a member of The Blacklist.


Blair lost her mother, Sharon, in the OREA bombing, which was carried out by Karakurt and blamed on Liz in “Karakurt“. Believing the official story that Liz was the bomber, Blair, assuming the internet name “Arioch Cain“, created a profile at “”, a website that set up bounties for contract killers via crowdfunding from civilians.

Season 3Edit

"Arioch Cain"Edit

During a confrontation with Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen, Blair refused to take down the page, believing that Liz killed her mother and having her killed was the only way to avenge her. Liz makes Blair aware of the dangers of her actions in helping the Cabal recruit assassins to execute her. When she deleted the page, Blair realizes that Liz was framed and the Cabal was responsible for her mother's murder.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Why is Arioch Cain number 50 on the blacklist?
    1. A: The broadcast episode title states the name and/or organization of the Blacklist number.
    2. A: Number 50 blog debate.
    3. A:
    4. A:
    5. A:
    6. A:
  2. What happened after Blair took Elizabeth's name off the website?
    1. A: According to the Blacklist in the comics, Blair was incarcerated after Reddington and Liz left her home.
    2. Q: But it was stated Red and Liz didn't disclose her identity to the FBI and there isn't any indication the FBI found her.
    3. A: It could have mistakenly referred to the one who made the site instead.
    4. A: The comics could have made a mistake since an arrest was not shown or mentioned in the TV series.


  • Blair and Milos Kirchoff are similar in some aspects. Both were manipulated into wanting enemies of the Cabal (Red and Liz) dead due to the loss of family members that were actually due to the Cabal.


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