Borakove is a data manager that looks for data when conventional methods don't work.

Season 1Edit

The AlchemistEdit

Borakove is placed in charge of a team trying to find the person who gave Anslo Garrick the plans to the Post Office. When Borakove tells Reddington they haven't had any luck finding the mole using electronic methods, Reddington suggests sifting through thousands of shredded documents one of Borakove's men collected. Borakove isn't pleased, but eventually one of his people named Ravi finds a document revealing Meera Malik leaked the information.


Borakove decoded Tom Keen's code book after he was outed as a spy for Reddington's enemy Milos Kirchoff.

Season 3Edit

Arioch CainEdit

Reddington called him and asked him to track the location of Arioch Cain, who placed a bounty on Elizabeth Keen's head.


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