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Brad Marking is a a character in NBC's The Blacklist


He seems to be a good friend of Martin Wilcox. He seems to be a compassionate man and an opponent of the government being able to use the “national security” excuse to whitewash crimes, specifically involving the federal agencies.

Season 2[]

The Major[]

Marking specifically requested Richard Denner to be the judge for the case of the death of harbour master Eugene Ames due to Denner's hatred of government secrecy and the “national security” excuse.

Tom Keen[]

After learning Martin Wilcox illegally accessed Keen's bank account records, he warns him on how they must play by the rules and that he is taking this case too personally. Despite Wilcox's concern that Keen is preparing to flee the nation, he is told that the law must be followed or Reven Wright will be able to obtain a dismissal.

As the case went on, Marking and Wilcox began to believe they were going to win the case against Elizabeth Keen. However, Thomas Connolly confronts Denner and threatens to have him arrested on the fact that he broke a number of federal laws during the inquiry. When Denner gave a speech on the importance of upholding the United States Constitution, Wilcox and Marking believed they were going to win the case against Keen. However, Richard Denner states that Harold Cooper and Elizabeth Keen cannot be ordered to testify due to national security. When Marking and Wilcox object to the injustice, he states that they are low-level employees in the federal government and have no power over this case. This reveals that several of Marking's previous cases have been lost because of interference from the federal government concerning “national security”. Marking's outrage is replaced with defeatism, showing his unwillingness to challenge a lost cause. After the inquiry ends, Connolly reveals to Elizabeth that they never had a case against her, he only needed to intervene because of Denner‘s bias against the government.

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