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The Cabal is a vast shadow government that has infiltrated several nation-states in both their governments and economies.

Much about the Cabal (so named by Raymond Reddington) is only vaguely known. The Fulcrum, a blackmail file containing the proof of the organization’s existence, dates back roughly 25 years, suggesting that it was founded long before that time, though Leonard Caul pointed out that many of the original key players are still in place. While only some members have appeared in person on the show and most of those have been Americans, the names shown on the Fulcrum names many more people of various nationalities. The Fulcrum was created by the real Raymond Reddington using files that he copied that were in Katarina Rostova's possession.

The history of the Cabal is revealed in ”Nachalo”.

The Cabal has no known single leader, but seems to be led by a committee of high-ranking members from various fields, including industry, military, politics, and espionage/intelligence, though some of the names in the Fulcrum came with titles such as “Archbishop”, “Rabbi”, and “High Lama”, suggesting that they have also infiltrated the clergy. The Cabal’s ultimate objectives are only vaguely known; when Peter Kotsiopulos welcomed Thomas Connolly into the organization in “Leonard Caul”, he said they “provide peace and stability”, suggesting that they have some sort of cause higher than mere profit. In ”The Director: Conclusion”, while revealing the Cabal's existence to the public, Laurel Hitchin stated that its purpose was to reignite tensions between the United States and Russia.

The “committee” leadership structure is an advantage in that it removes the possibility of a single leader destroying the Cabal and forces the members to justify and/or question their plans before others. This places a level of restraint that controls reckless planning. It also allows a reckless member to be removed. The disadvantage is that power struggles can easily emerge when a committee member shows weakness.


  • Fitch chose to ally with Red after the committee turned against him.
  • Kotsiopulos was facing a serious challenge from Solomon and was killed by Reddington.
  • Laurel and Red had ascended to the positions of co-leadership.
  • Laurel was murdered by Ressler and Red's power base had been weakened by Nemec's attacks.


In “Mr. Gregory Devry” Red shows Keen a map of the Cabal's operations, alliances, and enemies. Red states that the map is lacking the Cabal's new operations. According to Reddington, The Cabal has in the past started entire wars to serve their interests and finished those same conflicts when it suited them. Plus, the Cabal has also been known to collapse and subvert entire governments and nation-states, actively working to rebuild the world order in accordance to their own agenda. The Cabal operates through series of political assassinations or terrorist acts set to either manipulate the world´s nations into doing the Cabal´s bidding or simply weaken and topple governments or regimes that pose as adversaries for the organization. During the 1980s, the Cabal operated extensively to undermine the Soviet Union and terminate their comunist regime, which they eventually succeded. For that end, the Cabal orchestrated the bombing of a Soviet Union meeting aligned with the communist regime in Kursk, killing 15 people, which was organized by Cabal´s senior member Alan Fitch. Furthermore, it was also the Cabal that framed the real Raymond Reddington of treason by leaking classified U.S military documents in his name that led to the sinking of an American submarine, the USS Gideon, killing 134 people in the process, another action coordinated by Alan Fitch with the help of the former Cabal spy and operative Katarina Rostova. On more recent events, The Cabal was responsible for a terrorist bombing of a 2011 festival in Taiwan that killed 32 people and an 2014 attack on a convoy headed to the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta, killing another 17 people.


Cabal Employed Active[]

Cabal Employed Incarcerated[]

Cabal Employed Captured[]

Cabal Employed Deceased[]

Cabal Hired Active[]

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Fulcrum list[]

  • Advisor Panko
  • Ambassador Morokov
  • Archbishop Falcone
  • Captain Peretti
  • Cardinal Moreau
  • Colonel Williams
  • Duke Richards
  • General Chao
  • General Eichhart
  • High Priest Chenko
  • Huang, Journalist
  • Judge Akiyama
  • Lord Harper
  • Mikkelsson, CEO
  • Minister Columbro
  • Minister Owens
  • Officer Halabi
  • Rabbi Boskowitz
  • Reverend Ki
  • Reverend Michaels
  • Secretary Battier
  • Senator Bosin
  • Senior Advisor Green
  • Sir Holt
  • Sultan Assaf
  • Travers, CEO


  • Though the Cabal itself is not on the Blacklist, several of its senior members and operatives are, including Alan Fitch, Peter Kotsiopulos, Tom Connolly, Roger Hobbs, Leonard Caul, Matias Salomon, Karakurt, and Katarina Rostova.