Chris Farnsworth is a member of The Blacklist.


Chris Farnsworth was The CEO of Jasek Financial, an investments bank, and was known in the criminal underworld as the “Forecaster”, because of his ability to apparently forecast market transactions and events, earning his clients millions of dollars. In reality, Farnsworth, alongside his protege Benjamin Charnquist, a former Berkeley student convicted for rape that disappeared in 2002, was orchestrating accidents, tragedies, calamities, catastrophes, and assassinations in order to manipulate stocks to his advantage, bringing down several companies values in each of his attacks. However, his communications with Benjamin started to be picked up by Charnquist's neighbor, a 9 year old girl named Maggie who started to make diorams representing the crimes planned by Farnsworth. In total, Maggie made 42 diorams based on Farnsworth's attacks. Among his crimes, Farnsworth was responsible for the collision between a train and a bus in Ukraine in 2015, killing 13 people and injuring 6, crashing a commercial flight in The Andes in 2016, a factory fire in Jaipur that killed 18 people, the disappearance of a Silicon Valley tech company CEO and his wife at the sea while they sailed over the coast of Naples, a bus accident in Miami, and a mass shooting in Madrid.

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