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Crandall was a reclusive billionaire who made his fortune creating a method for synthesizing limulus amebocyte lysate, used for detecting bacterial endotoxins. He was also the owner of Crandall Cryonics, a legitimate company that researched cryogenic preservation, i.e. freezing living humans to the point of suspended animation so they can be brought back at a later date. Crandall spent most of his time living on a constantly airborne Airbus A380. Because he had it refueled regularly while still in flight, he could travel almost indefinitely without even touching ground. In addition to serving as his living quarters, the plane also housed a Crandall's secret project. Believing that humanity would doom itself shortly, he started building an “ark”, on which he stored cryogenically frozen pairs of kidnapped distinguished scientists, each pair from a different field and consisting of 1 man and 1 woman (the plan was for them to breed later). The plan was to revive the scientists after humanity fell so they could rebuild the world. Crandall apparently planned to have himself frozen as well.

Season 3[]

Sir Crispin Crandall[]

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Was Crandall ever knighted? There is no mention of it in the dialogue and yet he is specifically addressed as “Sir” Crispin Crandall.
    1. A: Red said “Sir Crispin”, therefore he was a knight.
    2. A: Although if his actions had come out and he had not died, the knighthood would have likely been revoked.
  2. If Crandall was dead when Red shot him, why was he frozen?
    1. Crandell's project was based around cryonics, which to its adherents means that if the body is frozen quickly enough after death future medical advances will allow for the individual to be revived.
    2. Q: Isn't cryonics for living people to be healed or resuscitated, not for dead people?
    3. A: Freezing living people under current laws is murder, so the person must be dead before the process can begin.
    4. A: It could have been meant as a kind of ironic punishment since Crandall himself had cryogenically frozen so many people. Red mocked Crandall's theory on death.


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