Cynthia Panabaker is a United States Marshal.


Before Reven Wright died, she asked Cynthia to have an Executive Order drafted mandating that if Liz were apprehended she would be transported to a federal courthouse escorted by Ressler to give testimony before a federal judge in a closed court session.

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Cynthia arrived at the Post Office with U.S. Marshals to escort Liz to the federal courthouse just as Peter Kotsiopulos and Laurel Hitchin were trying to remove her under the guise of intel indicating an imminent attack from Russia. Cynthia informed them that the Director of National Intelligence reviewed the intel about a Russian attack but upheld the original transfer order. When Laurel said that it was her call as the National Security Advisor, Cynthia told her to call the Director of National Intelligence. After the call Laurel said she stood corrected and Cynthia remarked that Laurel and Peter looked disappointed that the U.S. was in fact not under attack. Peter offered his agents to assist with the transfer but Cynthia said they would remain at the Post Office and the transfer would be overseen by Ressler.

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Cynthia informed Cooper that Manuel Esteban worked for the CIA. She informed the task force that, since relations with Cuba had improved, Esteban would be assassinated. She warned them that they would have to talk to him quickly, before his assassination.

She later talked to Ressler about Esteban's arrest. She was angry that Esteban was going to live and that he would be in Cuban custody.

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