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Delaine Uhlman was a member of The Blacklist.


Rod and Delaine Uhlman had been married for over 40 years and were long-time members of the Methodist Church. In 1976, they bought a pawn shop in Cherry Hill, even though neither of them had any experience. During the 1980s, because of the economic slowdown, they almost lost the shop. In order to stay in business, the Uhlmans entered the black market, using their pawn shop to front large amounts of money to criminals in exchange for high-value illicit goods that served as collateral. If the criminals did not pay the original loan plus interest in 30 days, the Uhlmans would resell the merchandise in the black market. This policy of holding the item for 30 days was strictly adhered to. The only exception was if the client showed signs of being unable to repay the loan and risking public exposure. In those cases, the client was murdered and the collateral was sold immediately. They owned a warehouse located at Monument Street where they kept their illegal collateral goods, such as stolen art, explosives, military grade weapons, narcotics, and counterfeit currency. Rod and Delaine financed a series of international crimes, among which were the poisoning of a former Russian intelligence officer, the raid on a transport vessel on the coast of Peru, and a casino heist in Monaco that left 8 people dead.

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