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Diane Fowler was a character in the NBC series The Blacklist.


Diane was among the very few who knew that Raymond Reddington is not the real Raymond Reddington, but an impostor who took over his identity over 30 years ago. Before she was killed she revealed to Red that she knew what happened to his family, something that Red desperately wants to know.

Season 1[]

The Freelancer[]

At her initial meeting with Harold Cooper regarding Raymond Reddington, she is very resistant to Red's receiving an immunity deal. It is only after the train wreck that she reluctantly agrees to it. As she signs, she tells Cooper that one day the two of them will be talking about this in front of a Senate committee. She agrees with Cooper that Dembe Zuma and Luli Zeng are the least offensive of Red's suggested security detail, and adds that she wants Meera Malik on the team as her personal representative.

Anslo Garrick: Conclusion[]

When Red was kidnapped by Anslo Garrick, Fowler was enraged and disbanded the task force. Part of the reason was that she knew the FBI had a double agent within the ranks. She later reactivated it when it was discovered that the people behind the raid had been conducting surveillance on the FBI. She orders Harold Cooper to locate Raymond Reddington since she thinks he knows who has infiltrated the FBI.

The Good Samaritan[]

Along with Harold Cooper, she watches the questioning of Elizabeth Keen, Donald Ressler, Meera Malik, and Aram Mojtabai. Despite pressure from Alan Fitch while at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), she refuses to reveal information concerning Red and the recent internal investigation.

The Cyprus Agency[]

Red meets with her after learning she is the real mole. Fowler first attempts to bargain with Red and then resorts to threats, but Red knows her death will not lead to further retaliation from Alan Fitch. When she offers to tell Red what happened to his family, he merely remarks that if she knows what happened then someone else out there knows it too. Red then shoots and kills her and calls Kathryn Nemec to clean up and dispose of the body.

Season 4[]


Fowler's body is found.

Dr. Bogdan Krilov[]

Fowler‘s corpse is identified as one of those taken to the ice rink by Kathryn Nemec.

Season 5[]

Sutton Ross[]

Diane is shown in a flashback being killed by Reddington. She is implied to have been one of those to have learned that Raymond Reddington is not actually Raymond Reddington, but didn't take this knowledge public, nor did she inform her Cabal affiliates.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. What did she know about Red's family?
    1. A: Unknown. It is implied that she knew Red is not actually Raymond Reddington.




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Diane's death

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