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Don Espinoza” is the tenth chapter in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


Reddington informs the FBI that some of his freelancer associates, including hired guns and private pilots, have been killed off. Red initially thought the deaths were unrelated. Red tells Harold Cooper that he received a note taking credit for the deaths, along with a promise of a surprise in a bathroom at Union Station.


  • Decide who to tell that the person killing cartel members is a woman.
  • Decide who to tell that the comic book shop was being used to pass messages.
  • Decide who to tell that Rosario Espinoza has a sister.
  • Decide who to tell that the Wraith put Gabriela up to her murder spree.

Story Issue[]


  • It is unclear as to why the case was titled “Don Espinoza”, as Don Julio Espinoza had been dead for years and Gabriela Espinoza did not go by that name.
  • In the comic shop scene, there is a shirt with a hammer on it resembling Thor's hammer, a shield resembling Captain America's, an action figure resembling Iron Man, and a giant cutout of a robot which could represent Ultron. These are references to the fact that James Spader, who plays Raymond Reddington, played Ultron in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron.