Edgar Grant was a member of The Blacklist.


Edgar was a school janitor whose wife Joyce, a dancer, was hit by a car and lost her legs. The driver, who was drunk at the time, got a light sentence and got out of jail after 4 years for good behavior, which enraged Edgar. Grant went after the driver and brutally beat his legs with a sledgehammer. This experience led Edgar, a self-proclaimed sociopath who enjoyed inflicting pain, to become a mercenary known as the “Debt Collector”. Edgar would exact violent revenge on targets given to him by his clients, mutilating and killing them, all according to the crime for which he was punishing the target. For instance, Grant cut off the hands of a husband who beat his wife and extracted an eye from a witness who made a wrong identification, always keeping the body parts with him as trophies. According to Raymond Reddington, Grant was responsible for killing a drug dealer who sold drugs to a senator's daughter on which she overdosed and drowned at the beach. Grant had trapped the dealer in a barrel and thrown him into the sea.

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