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Eli Matchett is an eco-terrorist and member of The Blacklist.


Matchett was the leader of an eco-terrorist group known as “Los Segadores“ (Spanish for “The Reapers“). Composed of small business farmers, they targeted Verdiant, an agricultural company that dealt in genetically modified organism produce and had forced small farms into bankruptcy. Matchett himself had a vendetta against the company because of a lawsuit that cost him his livelihood. He had owned a farm adjacent to one of Verdiant's facilities. When some of their genetically modified seeds blew onto his field and grew there, Verdiant sued him for infringing on their patent, costing him a fortune in legal fees as well as his farm when the bank foreclosed on him. Adding insult to injury, Verdiant bought the property, along with other farms in the area, and used it to expand their own industrial farm.

Season 3[]

Eli Matchett[]

Ostensibly as an act of revenge against Verdiant, Matchett and his gang steal proprietary files for the company's seeds. He not only plans to release the files to the public, but develops a virus that will kill the crops produced from Verdiant's seeds and cause a global food crisis. In truth, he'd been hired by Verdiant CTO and Cabal operative Susan Hanover to create the virus. The plan was for Verdiant to appear as a savior when new crops were introduced.

Matchett is ultimately tracked down and arrested by Samar Navabi and Donald Ressler. Meanwhile, Raymond Reddington discovered Hanover's deal with Matchett, and used it to lead the task force to Hanover soon after Matchett's arrest.

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