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Elias is a character in The Blacklist.


He was born in Germany and at some point became the leader of the Die Entrechteten, a Neo-Nazi gang that smuggles drugs and weapons and is one of the most powerful and ruthless gangs in Europe.

Season 2[]

Tom Keen[]

Red visits Ruddiger in rehab, trying to obtain information about Die Entrechteten. He lets Red know about Kohl's death and that they recruited a new boy that is looking for F2000 assault rifles.

Donald and Red are looking for Franz Becker, who they think will get in contact with Tom. Red lets Donald know once Tom takes a new undercover role, he becomes real. He is the covert operative that convinces himself into the role.

At the MWC Kaiser Airfield in Munich Germany, the FBI, led by Donald, storms in and raid a shipping container full of machine guns.

A car drives into the garage and Tom comes up to the car where he sees Red, Dembe and Donald. He wants to know why they are here and tells them to leave. They inform Tom that he needs to come back to save Liz who is in court for the murder of Metro officer and DC harbor master Eugene Ames, who was killed by Tom. Elias arrives and sees Red and wonders why he is here. Red lets him know that his shipment was raided and he can get it back. First, he lets him know that Tom is untrustworthy and might be an undercover cop.

After Elias suggests they kill Tom, Tom swiftly kills one of Elias' men and then escapes, creating a shootout. In the resulting gunfight, Elias' second-in-command and his remaining enforcers are wounded by Reddington and Dembe, while Elias himself is shot by agent Ressler.

The Longevity Initiative[]

The Germans track down both Tom and the Major and bring them to Elias to torture them for information on why they came after them. Elias takes out a knife and carves Tom's leg when one of his men hands him a sonogram with Elizabeth Keen's name on it. After Elias threatened to kill Elizabeth and Tom's unborn child if he didn't talk his motives for his infiltration, Tom makes a deal against the Major's objections. Tom reveals that his assignment was to solve the murder of a woman named Sarah Hastings, who was killed by someone who works for Elias. After revealing Elizabeth is an FBI agent and Tom promised to tell Elias who hired him if he didn't touch her, Elias accepted the truce, they let Tom and the Major go.