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Elias VanDyke was a character on The Blacklist.


Elias was a proud, loyal enforcer in Neville Townsend’s organization who carried out their operations and led highly trained teams on regular missions. He was often a point man in Neville’s hunt for Reddington, and later for Elizabeth Keen.

Season 8[]

The Cyranoid[]

Elias and his team enter an apartment building where Elizabeth is holding Neville’s sister Mary Bremmer. He enters the apartment and tells Mary he’s there to take her, but ends up leaving Mary behind during a scuffle with the FBI. Instead, he only takes the woman whom he believes to be Elizabeth. When they arrive back at Neville’s headquarters, Neville tells Elias the woman he took is not Elizabeth Keen. Elias implores Neville to hear her story.


Elias runs point on Neville’s excursion to Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, where they track Reddington and Anne to a local police station in town.

Balthazar ‘Bino’ Baker[]

Elias leads a team searching for Elizabeth and Donald Ressler in the Seventh Ward.


On the sidewalk outside Pascual’s restaurant, Elias exacts revenge for the late Neville Townsend by shooting Elizabeth in the back, killing her. Reddington responds in turn by firing a barrage of shots into Elias, who falls dead on the street.


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