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Elizabeth Keen” is the fourth episode of season 8 of The Blacklist and the hundred and fifty-sixth overall.


Opens with Liz Keen remembering the night before when she engaged in sexual activity with Donald Ressler.

Press Release[]

As Red and the task force search for Liz, she sets a new plan in motion that has catastrophic consequences.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 1

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. The Post Office Task Force is applying double standards to themselves and others.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. Red’s lack of a plan shows that he is losing his perspective.
    2. Why is Red’s identity so important to Moscow?
    3. What were the files Red had deleted?
      1. A: Information regarding Rakitin and N-13.
    4. How did Red locate Tom Keen’s safehouse?
    5. What would Red have done if Guinevere had said no and lacked a criminal action for blackmail?
    6. Why did Guinevere turn the coffee lid after deleting the files?
      1. A: She is OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and/or OCPD (obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) as seen when she enters her home and she straightens her purse on the entry table.
  3. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Will Keen contact the other blacklisters active?
    2. Will Keen contact Sharon Fulton?
    3. Will Keen contact Susan Scott Hargrave?
    4. Will Keen contact Jennifer Reddington?
    5. Does Keen still have her FBI badge and handgun?
    6. How much damage did Keen’s accusations and allegations do to Red?
    7. Taking the engagement ring/fishing washer did not slow down Keen’s escape.
    8. Why is Keen so important to Moscow?
    9. Keen’s ability to spread the truth of Red’s disease will corrode his credibility in the black market.
    10. What would Keen have done if Skip Hadley had not joined Keen?
    11. Who was driving Keen?
    12. Why did Skip Hadley join Keen?
    13. Why was Skip Hadley only able to steal 1 bank account?

Slanders on the FBI and police[]


  • The exchange rate is 35,000,000 euros to 41,000,000 dollars.
    • 35,000,000 / 41,000,000 = 0.854
    • 41,000,000 / 35,000,000 = 1.17
  • Tadashi mentions the ”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy to Guinevere.


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