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Elizabeth "Liz" Keen was the deuteragonist of the NBC series, The Blacklist.


Elizabeth is a young Caucasian woman, standing at around 5’7” tall, weighing approximately 119 pounds, and having a slim build. She has blue eyes, light golden brown hair, and a very noticeable burn scar on her right hand.


Born in Moscow, Russia (Soviet Union) as Masha Rostova, Elizabeth Keen, at the age of 4, was involved in a traumatic incident in which she shot and killed her father, the real Raymond Reddington, to stop him from attacking her mother, Katarina Rostova, then she moved to Nebraska and was raised by Sam Milhoan.

She had been with the FBI for 6 years and was head of the mobile emergency psych unit in New York. In “Pilot”, she was asked to profile herself by Harold Cooper and revealed that her subordinates in New York called her “sir” and thought her to be a “bitch”. She is also revealed to have a degree in forensic psychology and graduated from Quantico a month before the series begins. Raymond Reddington reveals that she had highlights before the start of the series, and may have resided temporarily in Baltimore.

At about the same time she joined the FBI, she met Tom Keen and later married him, taking his surname.

It is later revealed in “Sutton Ross” that the real Raymond Reddington is her father, not the imposter who took his place 30 years ago and is currently known as Red. In “Rassvet”, Liz learns from her grandfather, who was located with Donald Ressler's help, that the man she shot the night of the fire was in fact the real Raymond Reddington while her mother's lover Ilya Koslov took on Reddington's identity to protect Katarina. However, Katarina's fate continues to remain unknown as Liz's grandfather has not heard from her in 28 years.

Liz was engaged to Nik Korpal. She was married to Tom Keen. In the final season when Elizabeth Keen appeared she was in a romantic relationship with Donald Ressler. They had been close friends and confidents for years, often risking their lives, lying, and covering up for each other before their relationship became romantic and Liz risked prison to save him.

Season 1[]


Elizabeth and her husband, Tom Keen, overslept on the first day of her new job as an FBI profiler and are woken by their pet dog. Just after they leave their house two FBI minivans and a helicopter arrive outside their house and escort Elizabeth to the FBI.

At FBI headquarters Liz is interviewed by Harold Cooper about why Raymond Reddington has chosen her as his intermediary. She is then taken to the Post Office where she meets Red. In their first conversation Red shows how much he knows about her, and tells her that Beth Ryker is going to be kidnapped by Ranko Zamani. Liz has to convince Agent Donald Ressler that the information is valid. Before going to collect Beth, Elizabeth calls Tom to tell him that she won't make their lunchtime adoption agency appointment. She then collects Beth from her ballet class. While they are being driven to a safe house the convoy is ambushed and Liz is forced to let Beth be taken when she is overcome by tear gas.

She then returns to question Red, and he tells them about two more gang members, who he can trace in return for better conditions. Elizabeth returns home, to find decorations declaring “its a girl” implying that their adoption application has been successful. She is so happy that she does not initially notice that Tom is tied to a chair and has been tortured. As she approaches him Zamani appears with a gun and questions her about how much she knows of his plans. Liz truthfully answers him, and he mentions Red. Zamani stabs Tom in the stomach to prevent Liz following him when he leaves.

Once Tom is in hospital Elizabeth storms into Red's hotel room and questions him about the attack on her husband, dissatisfied with his reply she stabs him in the neck with a pen. It is Elizabeth that discovers Red's escape from the hospital. Later Red calls her to ask for more details about he encounter with Zamani, and she realizes that Zamani is going to release a chemical bomb in the zoo, using Beth to deliver it. She rushes to the zoo and finds Beth with a Bomb strapped to her bag. She keeps Beth calm while the bomb is defused (and taken) by a Ukrainian sent by Red.

At home she finds that she cannot remove Tom's blood from the carpet, so pulls it up and discovers a secret floor storage area containing a box. In the box is a large sum of money and several passports in different names, each with her husband's picture, there is also a pistol used to commit a murder.

The Freelancer[]

She is given a polygraph examination by the FBI in an attempt to determine whether any prior relationship exists between her and Reddington. After the train crash she once again talks to Red, Red agrees to meet his contact in a restaurant in Montreal, Canada and she attends as his dining companion, When Red goes walkabout, she is with agent Ressler when he finds Red in the van.

She goes with Ressler to warn Floriana Campo about the attempt on her life, Floriana will only agree to change the venue of a fund-raiser, not cancel it. She attends the fund-raiser with Red, and chases the assassin when he spotted by Red. While Ressler chases him on foot, she commandeers a taxi and, since she is in radio contact with Ressler, is able to stop the assassin with the taxi.

She then checks on Floriana and leaves the hotel. On the way home she is told that Red had hired the Alban Veseli, so rushes back to the hotel. The door to Floriana's room is now guarded by Dembe Zuma alone, She enters and Red tells her of Floriana's double life.

Floriana denies the charges, but she calls Red “Raymond” arousing Keen's suspicions. Floriana then starts to choke and Red reveals that she has been poisoned. Liz performs an emergency tracheotomy using a pen allowing Floriana to breathe. Red says that he will give Liz the antidote if Floriana admits her guilt. Floriana nods her guilt and Liz snatches the antidote syringe from Red.

Next day Red and  Liz are talking about the case and Liz says that Floriana's double life has been confirmed. She asks Red what would have happened if the antidote had been given in time, to which Red responds that there was no antidote as he walks away. Liz goes home and searches Tom's clothes from when he was shot, finds a USB key containing a testimony recorded by him about her, for the adoption agency.


She test fires the gun she found in the box retrieving both bullet and cartridge. Liz leaves Tom Keen with their friend Ellie, who is going to take him to his physiotherapy session while she is at work.

She meets Red at his hatter, where he tells her that he has been contacted by the mythical spy killer Wujing, requesting that he decodes a message identifying an American agent. Liz does not want to help as this will endanger the agent's life. Red counters that if he doesn't decode the message someone else will.

At headquarters she requests a ballistic report on the bullet and cartridge, then the combined efforts of Meera and Ressler convince her to involve herself in the operation to capture Wujing.

As part of her equipment she is given a tracker that looks like a nicotine patch, and decoding box supplied by one of Meera's contacts and a USB key containing a mirroring program.

Once in the bunker she realizes that she has no satellite access, so while Red distracts everyone she installs her mirroring program on Jin Sun's computer. Using the supplied decoder she is able to decode the message.

When Wujing's alarms are triggered by the contact initiated by he mirroring program and he starts beating Jin Sun she wants to intervene, but is prevented by Red. She is visibly shocked when Red shoots Sun, and when he tells her that he will do anything to keep her safe.

After Wujing drops them off, she places her tracker on the side of his car. In Red's limousine she asks Red “Why her?” and Red responds that it is because of her father. When she asks if he knew her father, Red replies that the answer is complicated. Liz receives the ballistics report, but it has been redacted into worthlessness. She goes home to Tom's welcome home party.

The Stewmaker[]

She sneaks into the FBI evidence facility, but her lack of official access is discovered before she can do more than see the outside of the evidence box for the homicide associated with the gun she found in the box. Still now she has a place - Angel Station; and a date - 23 June 2012.

Back at the Post Office Meera tells her that Dembe has called, Red wants a meeting. At the meeting Red tells her that the defendant in trial that she will be attending has contacted him requesting a new identity. She tells Red that the case is airtight.

At court she is watching the proceedings when a juror has a seizure. She escorts the eye witness out of court, assuring him that things will be OK, then hands him over to the US marshals. A short while later Ressler tells her that the juror was poisoned, and the two of them rush to the witness room to find no witness and a dead US marshal.

The FBI trace the vehicle used to remove the witness's body to a motel room where she calls Red and implies that he had something to do with the witness disappearing. Red denies all knowledge, but when she says that Lorca is responsible for hundreds of deaths, Red asks if the room has a bath and then tells her to check the plug hole. She checks and tells Red she smells chemicals. Red says she'll need a plumber.

Liz returns home and to distract herself from the fate of her witness, starts an internet search on Angel Station, however, Tom Keen interrupts her before she can complete it, and recognises the date, because they had taken a romantic break that day, with photographs stored on the computer and assumes that she was looking at them to cheer herself up.

Next day she is interrogating Lorca with Meera and tells him that the FBI have told Homeland Security that he is money laundering with terrorists and unless he give them details about The Stewmaker they'll hand him over to them. Lorca replies that he is more afraid of the Stewmaker than of Homeland Security.

She is part of the detail escorting Lorca to his new prison, when the detail is attacked and she is kidnapped. She is handed over to the Stewmaker and transported in the trunk of his car to a secluded rural area. Once he removes her from the trunk she uses her training and tries to engage him in conversation, attempting to establish a rapport and to make him see her as an individual. Once inside the cabin the Stewmaker tells her that he sees this as part of his evolution and apologizes for what he is going to do to her, as he has been told to make her suffer.

He injects her with a drug that will paralyze her, but before the drug takes full effect she manages to escape. Unfortunately the drug begins to affect her and she is easily recaptured. Just before the drug takes full effect she tells the Stewmaker that he has made a mistake, because she is looking behind him, the Stewmaker turns round, straight into a right hook from Red. Red wheels Liz into the other room away from the chemical bath, and she listens to him talk to the Stewmaker, before hearing him pitch the Stewmaker into his own chemical bath.

The FBI hostage rescue team arrive and Red tells Ressler that she needs medical attention. When she is getting into the ambulance, Red asks if she is going to tell Harold Cooper about his bad behaviour, she tells Red that he is a monster and asks how he can live with himself. Red replies “By saving your life.”

Back at home Tom tells her that he has booked a romantic break for them at the place where they stayed before, she opens the flier and realizes that the hotel is called  the Angel Station Hotel.

The Courier[]

She dreams that Tom Keen attacks her when she asks about the Angel Station hotel. In the morning he tells her that he has booked an ultrasound scan with the mother of their child.

At the Post Office she meets with Ressler, and he is questioning her about he connection to Red when she receives a call from him. She goes to meet Red in the house that he is currently living in.

Red tells Liz of the Courier, a middle man who always delivers his cargo. He cannot be bribed or stopped. Furthermore, he will kill both of his employers in the event of a double cross. He is the perfect example of the black market's policy of trust through fear and violence.

Liz is initially skeptical that Cooper will sanction a black operation against the “UPS driver” of crime; but when Red mentions that the amount involved is 20,000,000 dollars, Cooper sanctions the operation.

Liz and Meera follow the buyer Hamid Souroush through the Farmer's Market until he is he shot by the Courier. The then pursue him by car, and finally on foot when they capture him.

When the Courier won't talk, Liz returns to Red, and asks for more information. Red says that he may know someone who can identify the Courier's safe house. In return Liz tells him what she knows about the box, the murder of Viktor Folkin in Boston, and that she and Tom were there as he told her he had a job interview, which turned into a small vacation. At the safe house she finds a camera with pictures of Laurence Dechambou, identifying her as the seller of Seth Nelson.

Liz has his brother brought from Petersburg prison for interrogation, but all the information he gives relates to Phelps' early life.

Liz suggests that someone should meet with Dechambou and tell her that deal went bad, and she is to collect the package where she dropped it off, and follow her there to try and locate Seth. Liz then gets a call from Tom telling her that he has cancelled the ultrasound, and she needs to come home straight away as they need to talk. She tells him that she can't leave now, but will be home later.

By the time she suggests that they could trade some time from his brother's sentence for the location of Seth, Phelps has escaped. When Red has the location where Seth was dropped off, she and Red deduce where he must be and with Dembe driving they head to the location where they find Seth and Dembe resuscitates him. While Seth is being loaded onto the ambulance Ressler tells her that she saved that kids life, and that she did a good job.

While she is writing her report on the operation she receives a package containing the unredacted report on the Boston homicide,with a note from Red saying “The answers you seek”. The file contains a photograph of a man in a baseball cap that looks like Tom leaving the scene. She then visits Red, and takes the drink she refused earlier. She had been crying and says that she doesn't know why she's there. When she arrives home she says to Tom that they need to talk. Tom says that he was going to say the same thing to her, and shows her the open box.

Gina Zanetakos[]

Liz is arguing with Tom Keen about the box when he challenges her to report the box. She calls the FBI and arranges for him to be brought to the Post Office.

While Tom is lead to interrogation Liz is told by Harold Cooper that while the investigation is ongoing she is to go on leave.

Liz meets with Raymond Reddington and he talks about corporate terrorism and its ability to destroy stock exchange/market prices. He also tells her about Gina Zanetakos, who is the elite of the corporate terrorists. He tells her that if she wants to find the truth about Tom, she needs to find Gina. He also says that she is Tom's lover.

Liz and Donald Ressler go to Gina's hotel room and while she checks the body, Ressler heads downstairs.

Later Liz meets with Red to brief him about the situation, but Red is only interested in Tom's position, she tells him that her husband is innocent and leaves.

Using information retrieved from Gina's phone the FBI find her apartment and when searching the place, Liz finds a box similar to the one she found in her own house. The box contains (amongst other things) photographs of Viktor Fokin. A picture of Tom is also found next to Gina's bed.

Cooper tells Liz that under normal circumstances she would be removed from the investigation, but they need her to ask Red about Max Ruddiger. who was wired money by Gina.

With information provided by Red, the FBI find Gina in a park, Liz gives chase and corners Gina in the women's restroom where they fight with Gina getting the upper hand. Before Gina can stab Liz she is shot by Ressler.

At a meeting with Cooper and Ressler, Liz learns that the Hanar Group's major business is shipping, especially the port of New Orleans. She remembers overhearing Red being annoyed that one of his payments was being rerouted to New Orleans, and deduces that the target for the bomb is the port of Houston.

When the bomb has been dealt with the agents meet with Gina in hospital and Liz shows her a picture of Tom. She denies knowing him.

Liz storms into Red's current abode and tells him that they are through, she tells him that Gina confessed and she does not understand why he set Tom up. She leaves after telling him to “Go to hell”.

Frederick Barnes[]

Liz is discussing remodelling their house with Tom Keen to try and erase the recent bad memories when she gets a phone call from Donald Ressler telling her to turn on the TV. When she turns on the TV, all channels are reporting the subway incident. She rushes to the scene where she is told that it was a biological attack.

At the Post Office while discussing the case Liz is told that she has a call on the tip line. The caller is Red, after he complains about her not taking his calls, he tells her that he knows who perpetrated the attack, but she will have to meet him for the information. Liz and Ressler meet Red at his tailor and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes.

At the hospital Liz and Ressler learn that the victims died from a weaponized form of Kurz disease. The doctor tells them that the bomb contained Strontium 90 which is why the CDC won't release the case.

At a meeting with Harold Cooper, Ressler, and Meera Malik, Red invites Liz to accompany him on a trip outside the FBI's jurisdiction to meet with the probable source of the Strontium 90 used in the subway bomb. Liz refuses his offer and accompanies Ressler on a visit to Ann Forrester, a former co-worker of Barnes.

At the interview Liz learns that Ann's son Ethan is also Barnes's son. Ethan is infected with Kurz disease,and Ann says that when Barnes tried to interest the pharmaceutical companies in researching a cure was told it would not be financially viable. Liz theorizes that Barnes has resorted to biological terrorism to provoke interest in finding a cure.

Red calls and informs Liz and Ressler that Barnes is in the General District Court of Arlington VA. Liz and Ressler alert Cooper to Barnes's location while rushing there themselves.

At the court Liz sees Barnes's attempting to leave and pursues him. Once outside Barnes takes a guard hostage and challenges Liz to put her gun down, giving her only three seconds to decide. Liz relents and lowers her weapon before demanding that Barnes let the guard go free.

Barnes responds by shooting out some windows, causing massive panic which he uses to cover his escape, leaving Liz alone.

Back at the Post Office, Cooper tells Liz that an administrative panel will review her actions in giving up her weapon during a hostage situation. Liz calls Red and asks for his help, as Barnes escaped because she messed up. Red suggests that the survivor of the court attack will receive a visit from Barnes.

At the hospital, when Liz learns that Barnes has done a bone marrow biopsy on the survivor, she theorizes that Barnes is actually trying to synthesize a cure for Kurz disease using the survivor's natural immunity.

Liz and Meera rush to Ann Forester's home where Liz prevents Barnes from injecting Ethan with his synthesized drug by shooting him dead.

Outside Red is waiting and tells Liz that if she tells him to leave, he'll disappear. When she says nothing, he says “see you tomorrow”..

At home, Tom has recreated the scene from their first night in the house as a romantic date night.

General Ludd[]

Liz is at home when she gets a phone call from her father telling her that he is in hospital for some more cancer tests. She is very worried, but he assures her that he is fine.

She persuades Harold Cooper to give Raymond Reddington limited access to the FBI's ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) system in exchange for information on the General Ludd movement who have claimed responsibility for a mid-air explosion on board a cargo plane. Using Red's information, she briefs the team on Nathaniel Wolff and the history of the General Ludd organization.

The photographs of the two suspects in the bombing do not match Wolff's picture, but they look the same and have the same address, which is raided by Liz and Donald Ressler.

Back at the Post Office, when they process the material taken from the house, they realise that all the fingerprints match Wolff. The obvious conclusion is that Wolff has had cosmetic surgery.

Using his tracker, Liz tracks Red to his counterfeiter where she tells him about Wolff's surgery. Red tells her that Wolff would probably used a surgeon named Dr Abraham Maltz in Miami.

Liz and Red fly to Miami where they visit Maltz in his office. When Maltz is reticent about divulging any information, Liz says that she is an agent of the FBI and threatens to have his office raided. Maltz changes his mind and says that Wolff's new name is Bradley Holland.

Tom Keen calls Liz to tell her that Aunt June has called, her father is far worse than he told her, and Aunt June thinks that they should be in Nebraska. As Liz is unable to leave straight away, Tom is leaving immediately and Liz will follow in the morning.

After learning that Holland's ID card was used at Reagan International airport, she and Ressler leave for the airport while Meera Malik calls to order a lockdown. Seconds after they arrive, Wolff's bomb destroys a plane. After returning to The Post Office, Cooper tells her that all planes have been grounded and shows her a video where General Ludd declares war on corporate America.

The FBI trace Holland's address and when Liz and Ressler search the home, they find a new name: John Horlbeck.

When Liz and Ressler are on the way to intercept the armored car being driven by Wolff/Horlbeck, she receives a call from her father telling her the true state of his health. When Wolff's armored car is intercepted by the agents with the aid of the local police a firefight ensues. During the battle Wolff escapes by dispersing a large amount of money through an explosion and blending into a General Ludd protest.

Liz calls Red to inquire about which airport Wolff would use to escape, but he is not forthcoming with a location. Later, Dembe sends her the plane's tail number.

Along with Tom, Liz attends her father's funeral.

Liz goes to talk with Red about the missing hard drive, she knows that Red stole it for himself. Red changes the subject to Sam, and gets her to talk about him.

Anslo Garrick[]

Liz is arriving for work and enters an elevator/lift when the attack on the Post Office by Anslo Garrick's mercenaries begins. One element of the attack has disabled the elevators.

After escaping the elevator, she and Aram Mojtabai attempt to destroy the jammers and contact FBI command.

Anslo Garrick: Conclusion[]

Liz and Aram Mojtabai are captured by Anslo Garrick's men. Anslo threatens to shoot her if Red doesn't give himself up. When Red comes out of the box Anslo tells his people bring Liz with them. They drill through the floor and exit through the sewers and get in an ambulance.

Liz escapes as they are taking the tracking chip out of Red's neck. Liz takes finding Red into her own hands, with help from Aram finds out about the secret camera's hidden in her house. She kills one of the watchers, Kathryn Nemec cleans the scene.

Along with Nemec and Dembe Zuma and some of Red's mercenaries she raids an abandoned building where there's a good chance of finding Red. However they do not find him, and Liz gets in trouble for doing all this by herself. Eventually they find where they were hiding him, but only find the dead body of Anslo.

At the end of the episode Liz is seen once again holding her stuffed bunny and having flashbacks of the fire, before getting a phone call from Red who tells her that he will be gone for a while but that if she ever needs him no matter what he will be there, prompting Liz to ask “Are you my father?” to which Red responds after pausing “No.” Then before Liz could say anything else he tells her to “be careful of her husband.” and hangs up.

The Good Samaritan[]

Just as Liz about to leave for work, Tom tells her that he has a job interview in Lincoln, Nebraska that day. As both have to leave, they decide to talk about their relationship that evening.

When Liz learns of the attack on Karen Brodine she immediately asks Harold Cooper if the team can be assigned. She reasons that her past involvement in the case will cause Raymond Reddington to surface and offer assistance. Cooper accepts her reasoning, but tells her that she and the team will be subject to an internal investigation regarding the attack on the Post Office.

After being questioned Liz and Donald Ressler go to the morgue where Karen Brodine's husband and son are waiting to identify her body.

Red calls Liz at home and suggests that she looks at the victims and their familes for the motive to the Good Samaritan killing.

Back at the Post Office Liz checks the medical records and realises that all of Karen Brodine's injuries had been suffered by her son. She tells Ressler and Meera Malik about her theory and that it was prompted by a call from Red. When Meera asks if she has told Cooper about the contact with Red, she replies in the negative.

She goes with Ressler to question Karen's son Michael and they confirm that his mother had been abusing him.

Liz then researches other victims and realises that all were treated by the same nurse Karl Hoffman. She briefs the team and then she and Ressler go to the hospital where Hoffman is currently working. Once there they discover that the only victim of domestic violence recently treated by Hoffman is a woman named Melissa. From Melissa they learn that her husband George is attending a support group. At the support group premises the facilitator identifies Hoffman as the person who left the meeting with George.

Liz and Ressler then head for Hoffman's childhood home. Once there Liz enters the garage where she finds George injured and strapped to an operating table. She shoots Hoffman to prevent him attacking his mother.

Liz visits George in hospital and tells him (with Melissa listening) that if he touches Melissa again she will finish what Hoffman started.

At home Liz thinks that Tom has returned, but is surprised to find Red in her front room. Red tells her that he has found the mole in his organisation, but there is still a mole in the FBI. He also says that he has come to give her the next name on The Blacklist.

The Alchemist[]

Red tells her that the next name on The Blacklist is known as The Alchemist, and he is person who makes people disappear. Red says that he protects the guilty by killing innocent men, women, children, and infants. Red tells her that the next disappearances will be Pytor and Catherine Madrcyzk.

When Meera Malik confirms that 2 bodies from an aircraft crash have been confirmed as the Madrcyzks, Harold Cooper tells her to meet with Red. When she says that Red will not come into the Post Office because he thinks that there is still a mole, Cooper says that the DoJ report disagrees, but tells her to meet with Red off-site.

When she meets Red he tells her that The Alchemist changes DNA and dental records. He also says that because he was almost hired by the Madrcyzks, so he can tell her where to find them.

In the bar in Budapest waiting for Pytor Madryczk to arrive, Donald Ressler tells her that his former fiancé Audrey Bidwell has called and want to meet.

When she returns home Tom Keen tells her that although he went to Nebraska, he did not attend the interview.

When Aram Mojtabai sends her the picture of Eric Trettel she shows it to Ressler, who recognizes him as the person he left with Pytor Madrcyzk.

She goes to interview Trettel's ex-wife Molly, and learn that his daughter Amy has just been diagnosed with diabetes.

With prompting from Red she starts the trace for what item of laboratory equipment the burnt and torn piece of paper found near Catherine Madrcyzk's body could be from.

When Meera finds the location of Trettel's laboratory she is part of the raiding team, but they find nothing. She accompanies the team to Molly Trettel's house where they only find bodies.

Next day after arranging a date night with Tom, when Aram displays pictures of Trettels's victims on the large plasma screen, she realizes that one of the women looks like Molly Trettel. She then issues an AMBER Alert for Amy Trettel, as this is the fastest way to find Eric Trettel. When she calls Red for help, he recommends tracing Molly and Amy. Liz realizes that Amy's insulin pump will be traceable and Aram soon traces the pump.

At the filling station/convenience store where Trettel has barricaded himself in, with some hostages she attempts to talk him down. They quickly start to argue about the terms of Trettel's immunity deal. Trettel is shot by Molly and a SWAT sniper while delaying the call for a medic to tend to the injured Amy before Liz can convince him to surrender. She calls Tom to tell him she will be late home.

When she arrive home with a Chinese take-out, the house is empty and Tom's phone goes straight to voice-mail.

The Cyprus Agency[]

Madeline Pratt[]

She knows that Madeline Pratt stole something from Red when informed of Pratt's history.

The Judge[]

Mako Tanida[]


Liz and Tom Keen were approached by a Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia officer regarding Jolene's disappearance, only to reply with Tom's fabricated story used the previous day. Liz later learns of Lucy's true identity after viewing the ViCAP database, vowing to arrest her. During the investigation into Ivan, Liz learns of the theft of a Skeleton Key, a prototype device capable of hacking and overriding computer systems. With a covert assistance from Aram Mojtabai, Liz traces Lucy Brooks's last phone call to Tom's safehouse. Upon entering, however, Tom had burned most of the evidence. Liz gets ambushed by Tom from behind, only for the latter to flee without being recognized. Liz calls the parole officer to report her findings, and asks for a copy of the gathered evidence when they are done with the investigation. Liz is immediately called by the task force to assist in apprehending a high school student named Harrison Lee, who had been posing as Ivan. Some time after Lee's escape, Aram uncovers Lee's previous computer history, where Liz deduces that Harrison was romantically interested in the daughter of a Skeleton Key developer. Before a proper warning could be attempted, Harrison already hacked the entire Washington D.C. power grid with the Skeleton Key. After finding out that the scientist's daughter left their house during the power failure, Liz and Malik learn from Aram that Harrison's last known location was in a subway station. Liz pursues Harrison while Malik gives medical aid to the daughter. Liz corners Harrison, and Lee hijacks a subway train as a suicide attempt. Understanding of Harrison's plight, Liz appeals to Harrison's decency in order to make things right. Harrison relents and stops the train. In the aftermath, Liz receives an email from the parole officer with his evidence results, and is upset after noticing a toy she gave to Tom as a gift for his teaching job among the evidence. After realizing the truth, Liz turns to Reddington for emotional support, later telling Reddington what had happened during the fire after listening to a music box that Reddington re-built.

Milton Bobbit[]

She begins her investigation into Tom by creating a safehouse. Red gives her the Undertaker case as a cover story.

Along with Ressler, she stops a suicide assassin from killing a politician involved in the rigged drug trials.

The Pavlovich Brothers[]

After Liz started working on the new case, Reddington informs her that Tom was at the National Archives instead of being at work. Reddington tells Liz that Tom called in sick, returned home, went to the Radford Bank, and made 3 phone calls using a payphone. As they continue watching Tom, he starts moving inside the building and Liz follows him; consequently, this leads to Tom spotting her and calling the drop off. Liz ends up going home where she converses with Tom about his day. Tom mentions seeing someone similar in comparison to Liz, which she denies by saying she was at work. He ends up leaving to “take the dog out“ but Liz finds their dog in the mudroom.

She is then see talking to Reddington about Tom leaving. Obviously, Liz is taking Tom leaving hard but Reddington informs her that Tom sees it as business and nothing more. After getting a call about the case, she tells Reddington he either helps her or not because she's going after Tom. Back at work, they get a lead in the case and she tells Reddington about it. The team shows up at the site they believe to be holding their victim with no luck and Ressler believes Red had something to do with it but she replies with no.

Liz walks into her home, while leaving a message for Reddington, only to discover the Pavlovich Brothers and Tom. One of the brothers informs her that Tom is a present from Reddington and after the brothers leave she begins interrogating Tom. In the process of the interrogation, Liz breaks Tom's thumb, in which, Tom replied, “If you're gonna handcuff somebody, don't break their thumb“. After doing so, Tom attacks Liz and they struggle until he gets the gun and makes her handcuff herself to the banister. Tom tells her Reddington is not who she believes him to be and he was the good guy. He informs her to take the key she found in the lamp to Radford Bank and tells her the box number is 3929.

Liz ended up breaking the banister and she's seen sitting on the couch as Reddington comes in her home. They begin talking and he tells Liz she deserves everything in the world and it will come in due time.

The Kingmaker[]

At the conclusion of the case of the Kingmaker, Liz confronts Red about Sam's death and gets him to admit to killing him. When she presses him about why, he only tells her that Sam was about to tell her something too dangerous for her to know, but won't tell what that was. As a result, she breaks off their partnership.


At the beginning of the episode, she requests that Harold Cooper allows her to resign her duty from the taskforce, but then later agrees to change her decision until Raymond Reddington gives a case about Paul Blankenship dying from the Cullen Virus. She agrees to do the case until the case is done. Later on after the FBI arrests Nicholas Vogel, she infects him with the virus and has him confess about the people he infected. By the end of the episode, she is seen with Reddington and is held hostage by him when Walter Gary Martin and agents hold them both at gunpoint.

Berlin: Conclusion[]

Season 2[]

Lord Baltimore[]

Monarch Douglas Bank[]

Dr. James Covington[]

Dr. Linus Creel[]

The Front[]

The Mombasa Cartel[]

The Scimitar[]

The Decembrist[]

Luther Braxton[]

Luther Braxton: Conclusion[]

Ruslan Denisov[]

The Kenyon Family[]

The Deer Hunter[]

T. Earl King VI[]

The Major[]

Liz faces charges for the murder of the Harbormaster.

Tom Keen[]

The Longevity Initiative[]

Vanessa Cruz[]

Leonard Caul[]

After Reddington is shot, she attempts to call Harold Cooper and the FBI telling them that Reddington was shot in the chest, but Dembe throws her phone out and he instructs her to dial *77 for Kathryn Nemec on his phone. She later is told by Reddington to find Leonard Caul, the person Reddington called from the number in Fitch's safe. When she arrives at the first warehouse that Kate tells her and Dembe to go to, she witnesses Kate shoot at three agents who she thinks are FBI agents, but Kate tells her that FBI agents specifically carry only Glocks or Sigs on them. She later on near the end of the show reveals to the Director that Reddington actually had the Fulcrum, and orders him to call off the raid, in which he calls it off and allows Red to live, but he warns her that she has made more enemies than she thinks she has made.

Quon Zhang[]

Red reveals that both of her parents were Soviet intelligence agents.


She is framed for the OREA bombing and the murder of Senator Hawkins, but arrests Karakurt after he attempts to infect the senator himself with the rotavirus.

Tom Connolly[]

Liz has been added to the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list for charges of murder (Thomas Connolly), sabotage, conspiracy, and destruction of government property.

Season 3[]

The Troll Farmer[]

She dyes her hair blonde, because she resembles her mother, who has blonde hair and later she asks for asylum at the Russian embassy as an FSB agent.

Marvin Gerard[]

Along with Red, Liz is involved in an operation to rescue Marvin Gerard disguised as a hostage situation. During the hostage situation she breaks several ribs of a customer after he tried to take her gun. She sees how people see her as guilty and hate her, and asks Red how he stands it.

Eli Matchett[]

The Djinn[]

Arioch Cain[]

She is added onto a website called “Wanted Dead Not Alive”.

Sir Crispin Crandall[]

Zal Bin Hasaan[]

Kings of the Highway[]

Ressler finally captures Liz at the end of the episode.

The Director[]

She is taken into FBI custody, shortly afterwards The Director informs Ressler about a possible impending attack on US soil, and they will need to bring Liz to an undisclosed place for questioning since she is a Russian agent. Since Aram changed the code, the Director resorts to filling the box with nitrogen, forcing him to open to the door. But the Directors plan failed anyways, because a lady appears explaining that the judge upheld the original ruling and Liz is not going anywhere.

The Director: Conclusion[]

Liz is exonerated after Red kidnaps the Director and threatens to have him charged with war crimes.

Mr. Gregory Devry[]

Although Liz was exonerated, she has difficulty adapting. She found herself unable to rent any apartments and she was badly beaten by an unnamed man outside a grocery store. She is not permitted to own any weapons, because her concealed carry permit was permanently revoked. At the hospital she is told that she is pregnant.

The Vehm[]

Alistair Pitt[]

Lady Ambrosia[]


The Caretaker[]

Mr. Solomon[]

Elizabeth decides to move up her wedding with Tom. In the middle of her wedding, Reddington tells her that someone hired Mathias to abduct her and that they are coming. She escapes with Tom and drives away.

Mr. Solomon: Conclusion[]

Liz gets injured after getting into car crash as effort to escape Mathias. She gives birth to her baby but dies due to complications.

Cape May[]

The Artax Network[]

Harold Cooper speaks at Elizabeth's funeral. He says "We know exactly where she is."

Susan Hargrave[]

Alexander Kirk[]

Alexander Kirk: Conclusion[]


Leland Bray[]


Season 4[]



Miles McGrath[]


The Lindquist Concern[]

The Thrushes[]

Dr. Adrian Shaw[]

Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion[]

Lipet's Seafood Company[]

At the end of the episode Liz learns that she has been given a presidential pardon due to Red's implied threats against Robert Diaz.

The Forecaster[]

The Harem[]

Natalie Luca[]

Isabella Stone[]

The Architect[]

The Apothecary[]

Dembe Zuma[]



Dr. Bogdan Krilov[]

The Debt Collector[]

Mr. Kaplan[]

Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion[]

Season 5[]

Smokey Putnum[]

Greyson Blaise[]

Miss Rebecca Thrall[]

The Endling[]

Ilyas Surkov[]

The Travel Agency[]

The Kilgannon Corporation[]

Ian Garvey[]

After Tom contacts Liz from the train station, they decide to meet at their house. Liz arrives there to find that Ian Garvey and his men are already there and that Tom has been tied up. Tom and Liz then try to fight but Liz is slammed onto the floor and Tom is stabbed 3 times. Liz wakes up with Reddington besides her. She writes “How long it has been?”, to which Reddington replies “10 months”. Then she asks about Tom and Reddington tells her that he is dead.


Abandoning her life, Liz retreats to Alaska, seeking a fresh start away from everything she has known before. She uses the name "Grace Talbot" during her stay. Trouble eventually comes when she finds a man (Elroy) dying just outside her home. She meets the man's alleged friends soon after seeking help from an Alaskan State Ranger (Colin).

When the men, who are revealed to be members of the Carlucci crime family kill Lizzy's dog and Colin, she reveals that she was an FBI agent. 1 by 1 she kills the criminals. She drops Elroy off at the hospital "like a Christmas gift", and cleans the scene of any prints. The FBI question people about her whereabouts, but none of them know anything, calling her a "ghost". She is seen attempting to hitchhike. Eventually arriving at Reddington's, where she tells him about what happened.

The Informant[]

Abraham Stern[]

The Cook[]

The Invisible Hand[]

Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III[]

Pattie Sue Edwards[]

The Capricorn Killer[]

Anna-Gracia Duerte[]

Zarak Mosadek[]

Ian Garvey: Conclusion[]

Nicholas T. Moore[]

Lawrence Dane Devlin[]

Sutton Ross[]

Season 6[]

Dr. Hans Koehler[]

The Corsican[]

The Pharmacist[]

The Pawnbrokers[]

Alter Ego[]

The Ethicist[]

General Shiro[]

Marko Jankowics[]

When looking for the nurse who assisted Dr. Hans Koehler in the surgery on Reddington, Jennifer Reddington is kidnapped by the men of Marko Jankowics, a druglord who smuggles drugs through seemingly pregnant women and is the boyfriend of Koehler’s former nurse. Liz lets Donald Ressler in on the search for Red’s true identity and they work together to get Jennifer back.

Minister D[]

The Cryptobanker[]

Bastien Moreau[]

Bastien Moreau: Conclusion[]

Robert Vesco[]

The Osterman Umbrella Company[]

Olivia Olson[]

Lady Luck[]

The Third Estate[]

The Brockton College Killer[]


Guillermo Rizal[]

Anna McMahon[]

Robert Diaz[]

Season 7[]

Louis T. Steinhil[]

Louis T. Steinhil: Conclusion[]

Les Fleurs Du Mal[]


Norman Devane[]

Dr. Lewis Powell[]

Hannah Hayes[]

The Hawaladar[]

Orion Relocation Services[]

Katarina Rostova[]

Victoria Fenberg[]

Cornelius Ruck[]

Newton Purcell[]

Twamie Ullulaq[]

Gordon Kemp[]

Season 8[]

The Russian Knot[]

Keen learns that Red has been ordered to mobilize his assets for the endgame.

Ivan Stepanov[]

After Ivan Stepanov tells Neville Townsend the truth of Red, Neville instantly seeks Liz's death to torture Red. Keen escapes Red, Townsend, the FBI, and orders her syndicate to ”go dark”.

The Protean[]

Cabal Crimes[]

Elizabeth Keen fugitive arc 1[]

  1. Karakurt
  2. Tom Connolly
  3. The Troll Farmer
  4. Marvin Gerard
  5. Eli Matchett
  6. The Djinn
  7. Arioch Cain
  8. Sir Crispin Crandall
  9. Zal Bin Hasaan
  10. Kings of the Highway
  11. The Director
  12. The Director: Conclusion

Elizabeth Keen fugitive arc 2[]

  1. Roanoke
  2. Katarina Rostova: Conclusion
  3. 16 Ounces
  4. Elizabeth Keen
  5. Fribourg Confidence
  6. The Wellstone Agency
  7. Chemical Mary
  8. Ogden Greeley
  9. The Cyranoid
  10. Dr. Laken Perillos
  11. Captain Kidd
  12. Rakitin
  13. Anne
  14. Misere
  15. The Russian Knot
  16. Nicholas Obenrader
  17. Ivan Stepanov
  18. The Protean
  19. Balthazar ‘Bino’ Baker
  20. Godwin Page
  21. Nachalo
  22. Konets


  • She revealed to Beth in “Pilot” that the scar her father gave her has become a source of comfort to her, and that she strokes it if she is feeling afraid or nervous. Raymond Reddington has made the same observation during their first meeting.
  • In “Luther Braxton: Conclusion” it is stated by her younger self that her real name may be Masha. This is later confirmed.
  • In “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion” it is revealed that her father is still alive and his name is Constantin Rostov.
    • The fact that he is her father is disproved, however, with a blood test in “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion”; he still, however, remains her step-father.
  • Her memory of how to speak Russian seems to have returned as she is seen reading her mother's journal (which is in Russian) and also speaking it perfectly a number of times to her “father” in “The Thrushes”.
  • In “Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion”, it was revealed that Raymond Reddington is her biological father.
    • More information is later revealed in “Sutton Ross”, where it was discovered that the person who was calling himself Raymond Reddington was an imposter as the real Raymond Reddington was dead. The blood which was used for the blood test was from three decades ago which could suggest that the fake Reddington is not her father.
    • Additionally, he also claimed to never lie to her which has been proven true until it was revealed that he was her father. He explicitly told her that he was not her father which also suggests that the real Reddington is her real father.
  • People who knew Liz's mother says she gets her looks from her, Liz says her personality is from her father. Though at the time, she believed the fake Reddington to be her which was later proven wrong.
  • In “Ruin”, it is revealed that Liz has learned how to professionally clean a crime scene. The following episodes reveal that she also knows how to dispose of a body by utilising the same methods used by The Stewmaker.
  • In “Sutton Ross”, Liz's personality has completely shifted. In “Tom Connolly” and “Tom Keen” she showed remorse for her actions. In “The Capricorn Killer” she aided Sharon Fulton's escape and in “Sutton Ross” she engineered a hostage situation for her personal gain. This was foreshadowed in “Dr. James Covington” and “The Deer Hunter”.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Will Raymond Reddington's liaison with her aid or destroy her FBI career?
    1. A: Donald Ressler placed a warning flag on her in “Wujing”.
    2. A: Raymond Reddington has been training Keen to think like a criminal. In “Berlin” Keen shows that she has adopted his training.
    3. A: Harold Cooper has become less tolerant of her non-regulation actions. In “The Cyprus Agency”, Cooper's views on Raymond Reddington resemble his views towards Keen's borderline legal behavior.
    4. A: In “Berlin” and “Berlin: Conclusion”, she despises Red's interference in her life, but needs him to survive. Also, she has begun to mirror Red in behavior. Her loyalty is being questioned by Walter Gary Martin and she needs Red to navigate the incoming political factors.
    5. A: In “Lord Baltimore” her anger has vanished and she treated Red as someone that she needs to rely on for surviving Milos Kirchoff's syndicate.
  2. Now that she knows that Tom and her were at the site of the classified homicide on the day it occurred, how will her investigation proceed?
    1. A: See “Gina Zanetakos”. Liz is presumably sure of Tom's innocence at this point, but whether or not he actually is, is debatable.
  3. What is going on with Tom Keen? His guilt and/or innocence has not been determined.
    1. A: Red's continued warnings and the attack by Ranko Zamani cast doubt on his innocence. The appearance of Lucy Brooks means that the Cabal sees him as suspect or useful.
    2. A: Tom's identity as an assassin has been revealed.
    3. Q: What now that Tom is outed and presumed dead? Will she file for divorce and revert to her maiden name?
    4. A: At the end of “Ian Garvey”, Liz has vowed revenge to find his killers. In “Pattie Sue Edwards”, her memories return and she remembers that Garvey killed Tom.
  4. Why is Raymond Reddington so interested in her?
    1. A: Because of her adoptive father who was keeping a secret from her involving Reddington. It probably has something to do with her real parents.
  5. How did she get her scar?
    1. A: She got her scar when she was younger (around 14). When Reddington asked her how she got it she replied with “There was a fire, I was fourteen.” to which Red fires back with “Someone tried to hurt you, didn't they?” and she ends the conversation with “No. Not exactly.” Later in the episode when she's showing Beth her scar she tells her that her daddy gave it to her. Her dad burned her when she was fourteen.
    2. A: Her father could have started the fire accidentally.
    3. A: The scar looks suspiciously like the mark on the wooden box she found in the floor under the carpet.
    4. A: She got the scar when she was 4. However she lies and says she got it when she was 14.
  6. Are they still going to adopt?
    1. A: They're both still trying to. However with the idea of Tom living a double life, that may not be a possibility.
    2. A: In “The Alchemist” Tom says that their surrogate mother is 6 weeks away from giving birth and she expects them to take the baby.
    3. A: No, in “The Cyprus Agency” she realizes that their marriage is suffering from emotional problems.
    4. A: No, in “The Judge” the marriage is falling apart and Tom admits that he married Liz under orders.
  7. Is Raymond Reddington her (real) father?
    1. A: In “Anslo Garrick: Conclusion” Red says “No”, but could be lying.
    2. Q: Who is her real father?
    3. A: Her real father could be working for the Cabal.
    4. A: Her real father could be someone to whom Red promised he would look after his daughter, similar to the promise given to Newton Phillips, just before Red killed him in “The Good Samaritan”.
    5. A: She killed her real father at the age of 4.
    6. A: In the third season finale, “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion”, it is revealed that her real father is Constantin Rostov.
    7. A: In “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion”, Red told Constantin Rostov that he was Liz's father.
    8. A: In “Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion” a blood test proved that Raymond Reddington was in fact Elizabeth Keen's biological father.
    9. A: Later it is proven that the real Raymond Reddington was her father, however the new Reddington is not.
  8. Why does Liz always say she was rescued from a fire at age 4, but tells Red in the pilot episode that her burn scar happened when she was 14?
    1. A: Pilots are seldom 100% canonical and often retconned. The “age of the burn” was a minor detail which was later turned into a major plot point once the series was actually produced.
    2. A: Liz was lying to Red in an attempt to shield her personal life from a major criminal whom she did not know at the time. In the pilot, she tells the girl strapped to the bomb that she got it when she was about her age (which is much closer to 4 than 14).