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Ellie is a character in the NBC series, The Blacklist.


She is a teacher like Tom Keen (possibly at the same school) and a friend of both Tom and Elizabeth Keen.

Season 1[]


She arrives at Elizabeth Keen's and Tom Keen's home to take Tom to his physiotherapy session. After she leaves, she returns for her forgotten purse, nearly catching (and being caught by) the camera installation team.

She likely helped organized Tom's welcome home party.

Milton Bobbit[]

At the Party to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows, she states that Tom and Liz are getting married twice before she has married once.

Season 2[]

The Decembrist[]

She helps Liz, by treating Tom, despite the risk to her medical career.

Season 3[]

The Artax Network[]

Ellie is seen attending Elizabeth Keen's memorial and is seen hugging Tom outside the church afterward and later attends the funeral as well.


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