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Elodie Radcliffe.


Season 7[]

Les Fleurs Du Mal[]

Elodie is introduced as Charles Radcliffe’s wife, a man who is the task force’s only lead to a secret society called Les Fleurs Du Mal. She tells Aram and Ressler that he was “all but killed” when attending his first event, and was left paralyzed and unable to communicate. She says her husband thought the society would bring some excitement to their marriage but she could not bring herself to go. She agrees to go undercover with Aram to the next event. However, at the event she is chosen to become the next victim. Aram saves her and and they hide. She kisses him as a “thank you” while their attackers search for them. They are caught but the task force rescues them. Later, Aram goes to check on Elodie to make sure she is okay and tells her not to feel bad about kissing him. He leans in, and they kiss again.

Norman Devane[]

Dr. Lewis Powell[]

Victoria Fenberg[]

Newton Purcell[]

Aram and Elodie go skydiving and discuss their future. Aram wants children, but Elodie says she stays with her husband because it is the right thing to do, even if they do not have a prenup. Later, her husband has another health scare and ends up in the hospital. During recovery he has a brain aneurism and dies. Aram meets Elodie at the hospital where she sobs in his arms, “I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye.” Aram goes to the wake, where he accidentally finds Elodie’s prenup agreement, stating that she gains 10,000,000 dollars in the event of Charles’s death.

Twamie Ullulaq[]

Aram is suspicious that Elodie murdered her husband and asks Reddington for help finding the truth. Red agrees to test her husband’s blood for foul play. Aram meets with Elodie to pick out a casket and uses the opportunity to take a blood sample from Charles’s body. She denies killing Charles, but Aram recognizes a man she was talking to. He later remembers the man is Wilbur Eaton, a conspirator from Les Fleurs Du Mal. After receiving the blood results that seem to indicate murder, Aram brings Elodie to the Post Office to meet with Eaton. Eaton has told Aram that Elodie was in fact the one who introduced her husband to Les Fleurs Du Mal And paid Eaton to choose Charles as his next victim so she can inherit his fortune. She then had him choose herself so she could seem innocent and get close to Aram. He deduces that she then seduced him into giving her the name of Blacklisters so that she could find someone to stealthily murder her husband. He places her under arrest while she vehemently denies murdering her husband and expresses her love for Aram.


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