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Emma Torres is a character in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


Years ago, Emma Torres was a part of a special committee appointed to review a case involving Adam Brankovic, a terrorist who attempted to blow up a government building. She, along with the rest of the committee, was tasked with deciding if the FBI overstepped any boundaries when prosecuting Brankovic. The committee found that Brankovic suffered from mental health issues, however the FBI task force that obtained the confession was dismantled and reassigned, leaving the review unfinished.

Clark Peters claimed that in 2006 Torres informed the Russian government that he was a spy for the CIA.

The Garbage Collector[]

Torres joins the Post Office on Diane Fowler's orders after the mole incident.

During the investigation, it is secretly revealed that Torres works for Reddington.

She aided the investigation by finding Pasqual Adamo for Reddington and catching Jason Ackermann.

The Butcher of San Mauricio[]

She helped in the arrests of Abigail Clark, Elise Clark, and Chet Abrams for the murder of Benito Mora. She also helped in finding evidence that Nathan Whitmoor was the real Butcher of San Mauricio.

The Invisible Hand[]

She helped in the arrest of John Doe, a member of the Invisible Hand. She also played a role in apprehending General John C. Miller and Alex Houghton, who were responsible for framing Stephen Chen.

The Castigator[]

She helped in the arrest of Jessica Haskell and Reggie Wheeler in the case of Chuck Wheeler's kidnapping. She also apprehended Whit Martin for Chuck Wheelr's murder and ransom, as well as Valeria Artiza for Chuck Wheeler's ransom and the theft and sale of nuclear weapons.

The Silent Partner[]

She helped apprehend Dan Starkweather and the Silent Partner in connection to tampering with Warrior Pharmaceuticals' medication as well as a bombing.

The Harbinger of Sin[]

Reddington informs her of a shipment Bufotenide, a compound that could be used in building biological weapons, has reached Washington D.C. Reddington then points her and another FBI agent to a recent robbery at the DC Medical Center to start their investigation.

At the crime scene, she helped find clues that connected Nick Greenwade to the robbery. The FBI found a map belonging to Greenwade which indicated two targets, a museum and a cathedral. Cooper assigned Torres and Ressler to investigate the cathedral. While they investigated, someone pulled the fire alarm and shot Torres. Torres made it to the hospital in critical condition.

Once Clark Peters was apprehended, he confessed to shooting Torres because she was the one that sold him out to the Russians when he was a spy for the CIA. The task force soon realized that Peters had a bomb sent to the hospital where Torres was being treated. They rushed to the hospital and attempted to evacuate the hospital just as an unknown man, the Wraith, detonated the bomb. After the explosion, the FBI could not find Torres' body.


She is believed to have been killed in a bombing. However, her remains were never found.