The Espinoza Cartel is an organization in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


The cartel is small, but well-financed and very dangerous.

For decades, the cartel did business with Raymond Reddington. Reddington was also close friends with Don Julio.

The cartel's first known leader was Raoul Espinoza. Later in the 1980s, in a coup conducted by cartel members and rouge CIA agents, Raoul's brother, Don Julio Espinoza took control of the cartel.

Years later, Don Julio was killed. After he was killed, it was unknown who took control of the cartel. There were rumors that the new leader was a woman. What people didn't know was that Rosario Espinoza, daughter of Raoul and niece of Don Julio, took control.

At some point, Gabriela Espinoza was contacted by the Wraith and told that the people responsible for her father's death were still working for the cartel. This angered Gabriela and she started to hunt down and kill the cartel members responsible.

Don EspinozaEdit

Known MembersEdit

  • Don Julio Espinoza
  • Gabriela Espinoza
  • Maureen DeVries
  • Raoul Espinoza
  • Rosario Espinoza
  • Troy Barrand



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