Ezra is a character in NBC's The Blacklist


He is one of Raymond Reddington's employees in his syndicate.

Season 2Edit

Lord BaltimoreEdit

Dr. James CovingtonEdit

Liz notices that Ezra seems to be following her and acosts him in the motel car-park where she frisks him finding nothing. Later after Liz apologizes, Ezra checks his rifle.

Dr. Linus CreelEdit

Ezra kills Linus Creel while standing on a building overlooking the scene.

The FrontEdit

The Mombasa CartelEdit

Ezra finds out where Liz has gone to and followed her there. He told her that she had 14 hours to tell Red what she is hiding, or he will. Liz later arranged for Ezra to be arrested on weapons charges. Ezra was held under no-contact conditions as a warning. Liz arranged for Ezra's arrest to be made public and the media alleged that he was an agent for Red.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Will he be released?
    1. A: Depends on whether Red needs his services.
  2. Why chose Ezra as an alias?
    1. A: It may be his real name, given to him because his parents were fans of Ezra Pound.


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