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Gerald Todd Klepper is a member of The Blacklist.


Prior to 1990, Gerald Todd Klepper was a doctor who murdered 17 terminally ill patients in Newark who intended to use of aggressive treatment to save their lives. He killed them because he believed the treatment they sought would be better employed on healthier patients, making his victims' lives cost more than they were worth. Following the discovery of his crimes, Gerald disappeared and underwent plastic surgery by Hans Koehler to change his face. After that, Klepper became an assassin who operated as a black market actuary of sorts. Using the VLC calculation (Value of Statistical Life), Klepper would determine the social value of a person's life. If he concluded that the cost of this individual's life outweighed its benefits, Klepper would kill that person in what he considered to be an ethical decision, thus earning his name as the Ethicist. He arranged his murders to appear as accidents that adhered to government statistics on death rates. In the past, Klepper was responsible for 14 assassinations. Gerald also suffered from serious kidney failure, which was only resolved after he received a kidney transplant in 2010.

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