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“Godwin Page” is the Twentieth episode of season 8 of The Blacklist and the hundred and seventy-second overall.


Press Release[]

Liz, Red, and Dembe are forced to work together to survive an attack from Townsend. Cooper and the Task Force attempt to de-escalate the increasing danger to all.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 141

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Godwin Page
    1. Where did the FBI obtain the file on Page?
    2. Page’s arrest will allow the FBI to locate Townsend’s other front companies.
  2. Neville Townsend
    1. Where was Neville’s strike force when tracking Red?
  3. Raymond Reddington
    1. Will the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia police officer report the failed arrest?
    2. Where did Red get the helicopter for the raid?
    3. What happened to the orange box?
    4. Why was the tarp lowered over the orange box?
    5. Were the FBI guards wounded?
    6. Red is rejecting the need to recognize his self-delusions.
  4. Harold Cooper
    1. Cooper’s status with Panabaker is shaky.
    2. The Post Office has become useless as a command center.
  5. Cynthia Panabaker
    1. Is the Department of Justice going to hire the Osterman Umbrella Company?
    2. How can the Department of Justice authorize a death warrant for Elizabeth Keen?
    3. Will the rest of the task force be murdered for secrecy?
    4. Why is Keen a liability? She was not a high ranking special agent.
    5. Panabaker displayed a double standard. She did not threaten to revoke Red’s amnesty.
    6. Why was Panabaker so vindictive about Keen?

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