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Gordon Kemp was a powerful weapon manufacturer and trader that owned a 100 year old gunsmithing company called Fine Caliber Arms International, which he inherited from his father 8 years ago. Once he took charge of his family's company, Gordon started to mass produce the FineCal9, the cheapest 9 millimeter guns in the market. Then, Gordon went on to distribute those weapons among high crime areas such as Atlanta or Chicago with no regard for public safety or public security, providing cheap and accessible fire arms for all the criminals in the streets, regardless of their wealth or resources, which only contributed to increase the crime rates in those places even further. Ever since Gordon started manufacturing and selling the FineCal9, police have seized more FineCals than any other semiautomatic weapons combined and the number of deaths connected to those guns only rose ever since then, but that did not dissuade Kemp, who kept flooding urban markets with his product.

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