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Greyson Blaise is a thief and a member of The Blacklist.


Greyson Blaise was a billionaire and thrill seeker addicted to adrenaline and adventure. In order to satisfy his need for intense emotions, Blaise engaged in several thrilling adventures, such as travelling across the entire globe in a hot air balloon, racing in Le Mans, and trekking through the Sahara Desert. In his quest to seek exhilarating experiences, Blaise became an art thief, commiting heists in several nation-states. He stole a Van Gogh from a museum in Cairo and a Picasso in Rio de Janeiro. According to Raymond Reddington, Blaise was a rising star in the criminal underworld, and was using dark money to buy influence for the day when he entered politics.

Season 5[]

Greyson Blaise[]

Reddington enlists the Task Force to undertake a mission to supposedly get Blaise to vouch for Reddington's financial status. However, Reddington unexpectedly has the Italian police arrest Blaise for stealing what is in fact a forgery of a famous painting while Reddington and Elizabeth Keen raid Blaise's house and have his staff destroy everything that can be used as evidence. Reddington recovers a flash drive containing evidence of Blaise's activities, a valuable necklace, and a Picasso painting Blaise's panicked staff throw in Reddington's car along with a contested Lincoln penny. Red orders the staff to flee and regroup at a hotel.

When Reddington returns to the United States, Harold Cooper is outraged with the outcome of the operation as Reddington not only lied, but Blaise was arrested by the Italian authorities and the Task Force will get no credit in his capture. However, Reddington points out that Blaise was arrested for stealing a forgery of a painting which will soon be discovered, forcing the Italian police to release him with apologies. This will allow the Task Force to swoop in and arrest Blaise for his actual crimes using the evidence recovered by Reddington and Liz and take credit for it.


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