Hector Lorca is a character in the NBC series, "The Blacklist".


He was a Mexican drug lord who was arrested by Elizabeth Keen while she was working in New York, prior to her going to Quantico and graduating as a profiler.

"The Stewmaker"Edit

At his trial in Washington for the murder several US and Mexican law enforcement personnel, he was about to be identified by an eye witness when a juror had a seizure and collapsed, causing the trial to be suspended. During the suspension the eye witness disappeared.

With no eye witness, the trial cannot continue, so Liz decides that he is to be charged with money laundering using organizations linked to terrorism and he is to be held by the Department of Homeland Security.

When he is being taken to a new prison the escort detail is ambushed, Lorca is rescued and Liz is kidnapped.

In order to complete his escape he needs a false identity, and so contacts Raymond Reddington. Red arrives at the meeting with Donald Ressler. When Lorca asks who Ressler is, Red replies that he is an FBI agent. Ressler convinces Lorca that he is Red's contact inside the FBI. The deal is that Lorca will hide in New York for a short time, to enable the manhunt for him to die down. Lorca gives Red his contact details for The Stewmaker.

His fate is unknown, since when Ressler asks about him after the rescue of Liz, Red merely says that "he is on my jet".

"Mr. Gregory Devry"Edit

It is revealed that Hector was a member of the Shell Island Retreat.

At this time, his fate is still unknown, as the Shell Island Retreat meeting was about 2 years after the Stewmaker case, and he hasn't been heard from.


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