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Hostages” is the sixth episode of Season 1 of “The Blacklist: Redemption” and the sixth episode overall.


Press Release[]

When a wealthy businessman, his wife and young son are abducted by professional kidnappers, the Halcyon team is tasked to get the family back. But with time running out, the team must make a dangerous choice. Meanwhile, Tom (Ryan Eggold) risks exposure to save Howard (Terry O'Quinn) from Scottie (Famke Janssen).

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Susan Scott Hargrave
    1. Why did Susan use the sob story on Howard?
    2. Why was Susan enraged that Tom Keen was working with Howard? She barely knew him.
  2. Nez Rowan
    1. What did Rowan mean by “closed doors”?
  3. Diego Rocha
    1. Why did Rocha kill the NATO ambassador?
  4. Lang
    1. How did the Lang child steal the phone?


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