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Ian Garvey is a member of The Blacklist.


Ian Garvey was a corrupt and high ranking US Marshal who used his position to conceal his involvement in the Nash Syndicate, a powerful drug cartel that he controlled and shielded from law enforcement. As a US Marshal, Garvey met Raymond Reddington's family and grew fond of his daughter Jennifer Reddington, who became his surrogate daughter.

Season 5[]

The Kilgannon Corporation[]

Ian Garvey sends men to capture Pete McGee but finds Tom Keen and Lena Mercer instead. He holds them hostage and after further deliberation kills Pete and Lena, leaving Tom alive so he can contact Raymond Reddington.

Ian Garvey[]

Garvey kills Tom Keen and critically injures Liz. Garvey recovers the bones.

The Informant[]

The Cook[]

The Invisible Hand[]

Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III[]

Pattie Sue Edwards[]

Garvey kills Norman Singleton, who identified Garvey as Damascus. Liz identifies Garvey later at the crime scene.

The Capricorn Killer[]

Garvey unsuccessfully attempts to take control of a witness who saw him murder Singleton. Using the bones as leverage, Red is forced to abduct the witness. Even though Red succeeds, he tells Garvey that if he tries to use Liz as leverage, he will kill him.

Anna-Gracia Duerte[]

Garvey attempts to take Keen hostage after trying to locate the witness. The attempt fails due to Red's finding out about his plans and having Dembe and his men rescue them.

Zarak Mosadek[]

Garvey comes to a bar for a beer and meets up with a woman. It is revealed that she is Jennifer Reddington. Later he is visited by his drug contact, who tells him that Zarak wants to meet with Garvey.

Ian Garvey: Conclusion[]

Garvey is shot multiple times by Keen and Dembe after he tries to kill Red. Keen treats Garvey's wounds and calls for an ambulance, as she doesn't want Garvey to die without revealing the truth about the bones to her. Though Garvey is rushed to the hospital, his wounds are severe, possibly even fatal. His attempt to tell Keen the truth fails as the bleeding becomes critical. As he's wheeled down the corridor, the doctors state that they are losing his pulse.

Nicholas T. Moore[]

In a conversation between Red and Liz, it is confirmed that Garvey died of his injuries. Liz is unhappy that Garvey's knowledge of what was in the duffel bag died with him.

Lawrence Dane Devlin[]

Garvey is shown giving Sutton Ross the skeleton.

After discovering Sutton Ross to be alive, Red theorizes that Garvey used his power to put the man into witness protection, since Red had believed Ross to be dead.

Sutton Ross[]

Sutton Ross tells Liz that Garvey didn't give him the bag of bones, because Ross hates Reddington. Garvey wanted Ross to reveal the truth to the person Garvey cared about most: Jennifer Reddington.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. How did Garvey know about the skeleton?
  2. Why does Garvey need Red's confession concerning the skeleton? He has the documents of the DNA test to prove who the remains belong to.
    1. He knows that they belong to the real Raymond Reddington and wants to force the impostor to reveal the truth.
  3. Why did Garvey place Jennifer in Witness Protection for 20 years?


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