The Invisible Hand is an organization in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


The Invisible Hand has been under FBI investigation for a long time. However, the investigation stagnated after they bombed a federal building where 135 people died.

At some point Raymond Reddington crossed paths with Victor Ostby.

Known MembersEdit

  • John Doe (deceased)
  • Victor Ostby (incarcerated)

The Concierge of CrimeEdit

The Invisible Hand had plans to attack an airport. They had planned to bring down a plane containing 5 covert operatives, killing hundreds in the process.

Their plan was foiled when an FBI agent, with the help of Raymond Reddington, found their device and prevented the crash. Reddington connected the device to Victor Ostby and secretly informed the FBI to his location.

Red later asked the agent to bring him an FBI case file on the Invisible Hand.

The Invisible HandEdit

The Invisible Hand sent John Doe to kidnap Stephan Chen, a military analyst that was on trial for leaking government files. The organization believed that Chen was being framed.

John Doe made a deal with the FBI. If the FBI could prove Chen was innocent and find the people responsible for framing Chen, the Invisible Hand would free Chen.

In the end however, after the FBI proved Chen was innocent and arrested the people responsible, John Doe refused to free Chen. John Doe told the FBI that they had moved Chen out of the country and revealed that proving Chen's innocent was not their main objective.

John Doe revealed that the kidnapping was meant to test the task force and that they had been hired by a man calling himself the Wraith, a man from Reddington's past who had found out Red was working with the FBI. Shortly after, John Doe killed himself with a cyanide pill.



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