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Janet Sutherland is a hacker and Aram's girlfriend in Season 4.


Sutherland is a hacker who became a member of the Thrushes and played a part in the hack that sabotaged a nuclear fuel enrichment plant in Jaipur, India, killing 37 people and exposing thousands of others to radiation. She then entered into a relationship with Aram Mojtabai under the name Elise to hack the Post Office and keep tabs on the Task Force.

Season 4[]

Miles McGrath[]

She is first seen entering Aram's apartment and taking off her clothes as he is on the phone with Samar Navabi.

The Lindquist Concern[]

She is seen Facetiming with Aram, asking for help after she makes a mess trying to clean the apartment when Aram suddenly ends the call as Samar walks behind him. She later calls Samar for advice on how to give Aram the perfect date and sets and she follows her advice perfectly.

The Thrushes[]

She is seen in bed with Aram when he gets a pizza delivery at his front door from Reddington, asking for a meeting. After her involvement with the Thrushes is discovered, Aram hacks into her computer while she is cooking him a meal to watch Stranger Things using a “rubber ducky”. She comes onto him right as he plants the ducky and Aram pushes her off him. He tries saying he doesn't want to cause a fire but she knows he is lying and demands an answer. Aram tells her a half-truth, that there is someone else he is in love with which devastates her. Right then she gets a call from Ruskov's number two Odette, making sure she hasn't been compromised before he goes to meet Elizabeth Keen. Searching Aram's room she discovers her laptop with the ducky right as Aram walks behind her with a gun pointed at her. They fight for control and she is arrested by Agent Donald Ressler as she was about to kill him.

The Architect[]

Aram sees her while investigating the Architect at Black Mass 13, and after Aram wins the competition the Architect storms in with his men. She pulls him to hide and explains that after her arrest 3 federal agencies fought to recruit her in exchange for full immunity, with the NSA winning and she was sent to Black Mass to steal info for them. Janet helps Aram fight the guards and escapes while Aram stays behind to contact his colleagues. When Agents Donald Ressler and Samar Navabi arrive, Janet tells them that the Architect needs Aram to hack into a facility and once he does, the Architect will kill him. Janet figures out Aram took the device she was using to steal data and relays this to the FBI who manage to rescue him. Aram thanks her afterwards and Janet apologizes just before she leaves.

Dembe Zuma[]

It is revealed Janet and Aram have gotten back together as Dembe Zuma kidnaps Aram from his apartment while holding Janet at gunpoint. The police find Janet bound and gagged in a closet and tells Agents Ressler and Navabi about the abduction while also telling them she can find Aram using a device on his keychain. Navabi convinces her colleagues to let her and they discuss their feelings for him until they manage to track his location.

Mr. Kaplan[]

Janet is walking with Aram after both went exercising when he is served with a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury investigating the Task Force.

Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion[]

Janet accompanies Aram as he goes to testify before the grand jury and watches as he is arrested for contempt when he refuses to answer. Samar arrives at the courthouse and reveals she is going to tell Aram that Janet was subpoenaed by the same grand jury and she gave up Aram's name. Janet tells Samar they promised to expunge her criminal history if she cooperated and she couldn't pass it up. Aram is eventually released after Laurel Hitchin squashes the grand jury and Janet immediately apologizes for turning Aram in, to Aram's shock as Samar decided not to tell Aram, and Aram breaks up with her.


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