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Jason Ackermann is a character in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


Jason Ackermann was an undercover FBI agent and secretly the criminal known as the Garbage Collector.

He joined the FBI counterterrorism task force believing that he would hunt down criminals and saving innocent lives. His perspective changed when he was assigned to the Adam Brankovic case. He was assigned to befriend Brankovic, a lonely kid who made the wrong friends on the Internet, and push him until he committed a terrorist act. He supplied Brankovic with a backpack of fake explosives and drove him to the site he was supposed to bomb. Brankovic got scared and Ackermann had to talk him through it.

When he attempted to detonate the bomb, Brankovic was arrested and Ackermann argued for a lenient sentence. The government wanted to make an example of Brankovic and Brankovic hung himself in his cell. After Brankovic's suicide, Ackermann realized the system was broken and instead of catching criminals they were creating them. Ackermann's team was dismantled to cover up the case and he vowed to avenge Brankovic.

His cover as a member of the Genovese crime family allowed him to make many criminal allies including the Carlito crime family, Pasqual Adamo, the Innkeeper, the Chemist, and Ranko Zamani. He was also able to manipulate FBI agents, including Tori Nakamura, Harris Reed, and Mike Hamilton, through bribery and blackmail.

He also suffers from trimethylaminuria, which causes him to smell like fish.

The Mole[]

The Garbage Collector[]