Joe Putnum is a criminal and a member of The Blacklist.


Joe “Smokey” Putnum was a logistics specialist who used to work in major carnivals, where he was in charge of the carnival logistics and transportation. Putnum's ability to move the entire carnival in less than 1 day was so extraordinary that even the Pentagon sent men to study his methods in order to learn how to move troops in and out of battle. However, on the side, along with fellow carnival worker and accountant Heddie Hawkins, Smokey embezzled 2,000,000 dollars from the carnival they were currently working at. Heddie got caught by the police and cut a deal to testify against Joe, putting him in major legal trouble. What the authorities did not know, though, was that Putnum was using the carnival to launder money for a Neo-Nazi drug cartel operating inside prisons all over the country called the Friedrich Brigade, hiding their illicit profits in the income from each city. Smokey embezzled from the Friedrich Brigade as well.

Joe blamed his embezzlement on his father's “curse” of being a gambling addict. He determined that Elizabeth Keen had a similar problem with Raymond Reddington.

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He is killed by Red because he helped create a narcotics smuggling ring while Red was in prison.



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